AfroDOJO Hosting: SBO STREAM Tonight at 6pm!

Everyone thank Dustin “NAMDAR!!!” For purchasing the SBO Stream and making it possible for a pretty chill night at the Dojo.

All are welcome to come chill and watch the SBO stream tonight. Bring your own snacks and drinks.

See everyone at the spot.


ps - People need to give much props to Dustin!!!

We’ve had the stream running since it started and it looks nice on the projector. If you got nothing to do tonight, come through its pretty chill here.

Hey Dustin, when you bought the stream did you use the visa card option? I tried a few times to use my visa debit card and no dice. Does it have to be a credit card? Seems like a debit card should work if it’s visa…

Wish it were closer. Would love to watch guilty gear and such.

I used mastercard with no troubles. VF5FS was worth the money alone, but I’m sure ST and 3S will be tight also, ppl should try to make it out tomorrow.

I’m going to try to make it out tonight. I would love to see the matches tonight.