AfroDojo SetUps for March Opening


I have calculated 6 open spots for extra Set ups. Wondering if anyone is willing to come over this coming monday and donate a set up for an all the all day session planned for Opening day.

Your help will be going towards a great cause, the cause of leveling up seattle and giving them a centralized spot to always come and practice!

Thank you

Jason “Afro” Cole


hey hoe answer your pm lol


Won’t be able to make it on Monday. :\ I’ll try to bring a setup for the days I can make though.


I have to work for a bit monday but I can bring one by after, say ~4ish


Dont be hella loud while im sleeping.
or ill boot u for the day.
its street fighter practice, not the fucking superbowl.

cole i have a monitor and 2 crt’s. ill bring them when i move up.


Hey Cole I was wondering if it was cool if I came through on Monday I can bring a setup Its nice only being an hour away


I’ve got a 360 and sf4, but I have never played it on that console. If someone has a memory card, I can bring it along.


I’ll be there I can bring a 360+te stick but I have school till 5 so I’ll be there around 6ish…


o and if we are in need of an extra tv i got a CRT i can bring also, I dont really know when it opens but ill be there when ever you will accept me hahah


Slight chance I’ll make it.


I’ll be there. Can bring sticks and a TV, but no console.


I can bring a PS3 + TE, but wont be there till after work which is sometime after 5


Cole you know I will be coming to get a shot at that DHALSIM!!


i can bring xbox and tv and a TE. i probably can go, but it is still up in the air.


Monday - lame. I have a bunch of classes until 9 that day.


Hella HUMANS going to this.


Is there a place I could find more info on AfroDojo? Location, etc. Sounds dope, though might be busy monday.


Cole, you should post you address in your 1st post. I don’t feel like searching for that thread where you asked for roommates to get it.


It’s in Sammamish, I know that much.


Yeah cause I can’t really remember exactly WHERE it’s at, I just know it’s near Lake Sammamish…the non bellevue side of Lake Sammamish