After 1 month of joystick use I still can't get used to it

After using it for 1 month I still whiff most of my combos. And I can’t dash backwards, it’s as if my thumb is retarded. I play a style where my hand leaves my joystick alot, it’s never holding it it’s always flicking it. Is that where my problem lies?

If you are fresh on using an arcade stick…don’t expect to master it in one month.
It can take months…years for some.

Sounds like your stick grip blows.

Yeah… I feel most comfortable with the way I’ve started holding it which isn’t really a grip rather it’s like a flick of my hand when I do a quarter circle or any sort of circle for that matter. Was this a bad habit to start on? That felt more comfortable for me so I stuck with it but now I’m finding it has become a bad habit and should have tried one of the more normal grips.

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Took me about 2 months to get used to, don’t let it get to you, think of a way that is most comfertable to you and not what Daigo uses, and just practice.

There is no normal grip either.

i hate joystickss

Goodluck getting good at any street fighter.

play ST or just give it to me

You need to always hold on to the stick.

Don’t complain here.

Practice more or sell the damn thing, don’t whine to us.

Can I have it? I need one and can make good use of it.

My problem is doing stuff on 1P side compared to 2P side. It’s a thing I gotta practice.

It’s just a matter of getting used to it.

A month isn’t a very long time. Practice with it a bit everyday and you’ll work it out.

It took me like 2 weeks to get used to it. I taught myself to let go of the stick when dashing (FADC) cause I strangle the dam stick if I don’t.

If you couldn’t notice with your little brain, I implied a question in there wondering if my grip was the problem. Hey guess what it was! Now I’ll go practice, you can continue being the tough guy over the internet while your skinny dorky ass is sitting in your moms basement.

Wasn’t being so much a tough guy as a jackass. Either way though, he was right.

The only thing he was right about was to practice, in no way was I whining but rather questioning the method I was using. I thank the people who responded normally while kids like him are constantly being the tough nut on forums.

He’s on the internet, we can’t hurt him.

What is it with the “you live in your mom’s basement” insults? Do parents make you live in the basement where you guys come from?

Anyway, I’m going to have a nap in my room with ensuite.


Relax. It’s the best advice anyone can give when playing a fighting game. The more tense and stressed out you are, the more likely shit won’t come together.

It’s the bnb of insults :stuck_out_tongue: