After 1 month of joystick use I still can't get used to it

Anyway Socratic it took me about 2 weeks to get the hang of using the joystick, but it’s not weird that you’re not there yet. Perhaps you’re too tense? I use the wineglass grip and it’s not so much a grip as a resting hand position. Maybe you’re not getting enough mobility.

Have you tried different grips?

metalmike31216 answered my question pretty much, simple and concise awesome :). Now I just need to go practice.

dont get discourage after a month. thats not a very long time. took me 3 months to get stick down. so just keep at it and dont look back.

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one month is nothing! i been playing stick at least 4 months an im still improving every day on it. i also think not switching back to pad is important…just stick to one or the other if your serious about it

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Anyways, just keep practicing and trying different grips if the one that feels most comfortable to you isn’t the most ideal as you’ve described. Try another month or two of the stick and if you can’t get a hold of it, then perhaps you’re better off with a pad or controller. I’ve a friend that who probably has had his TE for 2 months and he’s just getting adjusted. He’s continually getting better since each time I play him, he’s starting to win more. I have to keep it up since this winter something tells me he’ll be considerably better.

i’ll buy your joystick if you don’t want to learn how to use it


it takes time to learn to use a stick. did you master riding a bike/car in one month? Probably not. Just stick with it and you will see results eventually. (best capcom fighting game related website on the internet)

Try this link, it might help. It took me several months to get comfortable with a stick after using a pad for literally 17 years playing fighting games. I almost returned mine, but the posts about how much better sticks were supposed to be kept me going. I’ll never go back to a pad.

its ok socratic, if youre good then youre good, if youre not then thats life. simple as that.

Well, I got my Hori EX2 about one month ago. While not quite used to it, I do feel myself getting better every day I use it. If I were you, I would maybe set up some sort of schedule to practice daily. Maybe for 30 minutes - 1 hour.

You seriously have to practice. I got used to stick pretty fast (like a couple of weeks) because right away I practiced execution on both sides for like…an hour or more a day.

General rule of thumb, the stick is much more sensitive than you think. If you jump when you didn’t want to and stuff you probably just moved your wrist too much.

I don’t think you absolutely need a stick to get good at Street Fighter, especially 4.

i dont know ive been playing on stick for a month now and im wayyyyy better than i was before i can fadc and all that good stuff with ease now oh well just keep trying sure it will all click for you soon

I just got my TE 4 days ago, and its my first stick. My major problem is the button location, which I’m slowly getting used to. Grip wise, the way daigo holds it is hella comfortable (stick between pinky and ring finger). I’m still having trouble throwing hados consistently but i can do my mains bnbs (rog), such as j.rh, c.jab, c.jab, c.strong, headbutt, ultra, almost all the time. Charge characters are easier to learn on a stick, and you’ll probably get less frustrated getting used to it.

Be patient and keep at it. I play almost only charger characters, which are very easy on the stick so you can start with that. Put in a few hours a day and you are bound to get used to it. Definitely check out eventhubs site because everyone’s got their own comfort in holding the joy stick.

If you’re having second thoughts then look at it this way. With a 360 controller your inputs are close together and often confused. In this case you can only get so good becuse of the controller. I think a ps3 controller or fightpad are completely viable even on tournament level. With a stick your inputs wont ever b confused. You won’t b held down by your controller.

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I got used to the stick in about 10 days.:smokin:

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This game relies on mind games and punishing when you have the opportunity. Sure a stick helps with landing some difficult execution, all in all though there are less technical combos than punish just as hard.

There are less technical combos that punish better in this game…

I mastered mine in like a week and a half. You probably just need to play more Geometry Wars 2