After 10 Years , Is MVC3 A Worthy Sequel to MVC2?


mvc2 was 3 on 3 tag team fighting , 56 characters, spectator mode, and me personally i could damn near play it all day. Once it came to psn it was the only game i would play for months and months add to the years prior i played on ps2 and the arcade

but how do you guys feel it is in comparison to mvc2 is it a worthy addition to the series or did it disappoint?


I didn’t even like this series until this game, so I would say yes.


I think it’s definitly taking the vs. Series in a different direction than the previous two games.

Is it a true sequel? i dont really think so

Is it fun as hell and do i intend to play the shit out of it? HELL YES


It’s not like the game was in development for 10 years. Given the licensing and Marvel’s acquisition by Disney, it’s a miracle that MvC3 even exists. Marvel had sold off nearly all its IP leading up to its bankruptcy in the late 90s and only recently recaptured enough of its own rights so that a game like MvC3 is even possible (by contrast, we will NEVER see Children of The Atom even if Disney/Marvel wanted to because they don’t have the rights). Given the legal issues, it’s unbelievable that Capcom went after the license successfully and then actually gave us a well-developed game rather than just cashing in on the license like every other licensed game in existence. Capcom could have easily degenerated MvC into Powerstone, a shooter, or some other hack game just to exploit the license and be done with it, but instead we got something responsive, competitive, complex, and deep (with new discoveries being made almost literally every day).

Heck, it’s astonishing that Capcom kept going even after Disney acquired Marvel. By that point, Capcom already had the licenses with Marvel, but they had to know that any future ventures or control of MvC would now involve Marvel’s giant financial backers and parent corporation (versus working on a comparatively personal level with Marvel which, despite the size of their IP, is actually a fairly small corporate entity in terms of business, management, lawyers, etc). That means in the remote possibility of MvC4, derivatives, DLC, digital distribution of the game for future consoles, etc. Capcom now has to deal with the House of The Mouse… the corporation that single-handedly changes Copyright duration, that owns ABC/ESPN/etc, which made juggernaut Pixar come crawling back to them, and a dozen videogame developers under the Disney Interactive division.

Anyone less committed to actually getting a game out would cut their losses and run for the hills or release shovel-ware at that point. But instead, Capcom took it as a sign from the gods that the timing was perfect for such a game: that SF4 started a revival, TvC proved their lawyers some of the most agile in the business, and that they managed to eek out an impossible licensing deal with Marvel just before the Mouse scooped them up.

We don’t know the specific terms of the licensing deal, but you can bet that Disney is pouring over it and looking to unravel it and frustrate Capcom with it (see: Disney’s dealings with Pixar) so that they can take advantage of the Marvel licenses under Disney Interactive developers en masse to see a return on their investment in purchasing Marvel (why would they want that money going to Capcom, outside the Disney family?). Just like Warner made MKvDC because it owned Midway and DC.

The game’s existence is a bloody miracle which by all rights ought not to be as good as it is. Such an anomaly of licensed gaming should be noted and respected (if not flabbergasted awe) not taken for granted like spoiled kids with unrealistically absurd expectations. Be grateful there even is a MvC3.


For slightly more relevant info(not saying the above post isn’t well written or accurate):

Personally, I feel it is a completely worthy successor, and I imagine that it has a bright future in both high level competative play and lower tier players such as myself.

MvC3 feels like it made things much more simple in comparison to MvC2. For me in MvC2, getting even a basic ground to air sequence took a lot of practice, yet if you can push buttons in sequence, you can generally do a full ground-to-air combo.

Also the game adds a lot of flash factor in comparison to MvC2. Almost all of the supers have a cinematic start sequence instead of just a gameplay pause and a flash on the screen. Also Aerial exchanges have real gameplay value, but at the same time make the match feel more exciting.

As the more technical and mechanical elements of the game are being revealed daily, perhaps some form of objective comparison can be made, but subjectively? It’s been a while Mahvel, but we’re glad to have you back.


what kind of a stupid question is this. no!!!.


Currently? No. It Could very easily be though by just fixing these few problems**:**

1. Universally lower the damage everything does(put it back to MvC2 levels). Characters are dying from two basic combos or less(which is ridiculous). There’s no incentive to do longer/more complex combos.

2. Decrease the overall speed. Too often the screen is an absolute mess of colors and you can barely tell what the hell is going on. I’d say about 15% should do.

3. Slow Sentinel’s movement speed down. Currently he’s faster than most characters and should be nowhere close for that size and weight.

4. When you super jump completely over your opponent, your character SHOULD immediately turn to face them.

5. X-Factor should ONLY give you**:**

1. The ability to cancel moves
2. Regenerate red health
3. Negate chip damage
4. A decrease in damage you take from the opponent

NO speed or damage bonus. It should also cost you meter**:**

Activate it with three characters still alive - cost = 1 hyper meter. Duration 8 seconds.

Activate it with two characters still alive - cost = 2 hyper meters. Duration 16 seconds.

Activate it with three character still alive - cost = 3 hyper meters. Duration 24 seconds.


^4 is the only one that seems like a good idea right now… threads like this are dumb though.


Hmm… Some issues with your list here…

Characters are *not *being killed from two “basic” combos (don’t wanna be that guy but what *is *basic anyway?). The game is high risk, but it’s not a cartoon of people dying from a few hits. That’s the lower health tier characters but not the general game. Only person who’s literally done for after a “simple” combo is Phoenix (*my *definition of “simple” being standard ground series > air series > OTG with no relaunch - I wonder if people agree).

Compared to past Marvel games this is fairly easy to follow. Compared to SSF4 I see where you’re coming from, but we’re not playing SSF4. Marvel is fast, I don’t wanna be ‘that guy’ again but it’s something you should square with.

Size and weight have no meaning in this sort of thing. But to humor, he’s damn slow as he is. It works for his character - just walk to someone in a match, his music and animation incites terror. lol


Seeing as how X-Factor has only ever appeared in MvC3, and although it has conceptual brothers in the genre, it’s surely it’s own thing; I’d love to know by what basis do you have to say what X-Factor *should *be? Should it be like X-Factor in MvC2 (rhetorical question to paint the point)?


as a sequel its MASSIVELY DISAPPOINTING, so to answer your question, no its not a worthy sequel.

however, as its own game its alright. im giving it a second chance at the moment and fucking around with it and trying to learn it some more…might as well get my moneys worth


Just to touch on the xfactor bit, good sense is all you need.


It’s a fine game, but I wouldn’t say it’s a worthy successor in the sense that it isn’t going to completely kill off MvC2 like CvS2 did to CvS1.

But I suppose with that logic I guess you could also say Super Turbo isn’t a worthy successor to SF2CE.


I understand one could have great ideas on where to take X-Factor, but the idea that somebody knows what it *should *be tickles me a bit. For instance, I hate a lot of things about CoD - but I wouldn’t posit how a CoD-specific mechanic should be. I could discuss how it could be done better, but what it is in its current form is what it ‘should’ be. For all we know Capcom wanted XF to work precisely as it does, and they’d have every right to say that’s what it *should *be.

Just as we have every right to discuss what it *could *be. A few thread was a great example of this.


I would agree with you before the scaling reset glitch was discovered, but you seriously can kill many characters just with magic series > dhc > magic series now. If a patch comes out then I hope that and the superjump change are part of it.


Most fun I’ve had with a game in a while. I like its mechanics as is. Hopefully I become much better before they decide on any changes.


@ Esh:

Yes but are we still talking about “basic” comb-



Eye of the beholder, etc.

Next year people will have accepted this game and realize it isn’t MvC2 like MvC2 isn’t MvC1 or bitch about the changes they kicked and screamed for not working out as they thought they would.


MvC3 isn’t a worthy sequel because there would be and will never be a true worthy sequel to MvC2. MvC2 was an anomaly, a perfect storm that is impossible to replicate. 10 years self-saturating in its own hype, MvC3 never had a chance living up to it in ANY form, no matter how MvC3 would be made. Some series just get wrecked by their own hype.


its an entirely different game, you only compare it to marvel 2 because it is called marvel 3. They should have just named it “fighting game 2011” or something

if u look at it that way, then you can not judge it by mvc2 standards. They weakend the god characters and made everyone else better and able to otg or relaunch or do high damage or SOMETHING to make them all viable.

i will miss romming and tri jumping with mags but this game is still fun and you can get better at it and perform better. Capcom just assumes in a year or 2 people will find the best teams and will be playing them like santhrax with its lighting storm DHC into HSF and shit so they assume everything in this game is high risk high reward one mistake and u are dead. Look at the aerial counters, at first i thought it was such a high reward with no rrisk, u can get like almost 2 meters and do like 60% damage from just doing a magic series into D+direction 2 times and then ur third character can otg into a combo but I think once the dust settles in a few months to a year people will be able to do 80& damage from one hit and the whole game will be based on making one mistake and punishing it like mvc2


So far I am liking MvC3 more than MvC2. Right off the bat it seems like most of the characters are useful and are worth while. It is still early but I have a feeling that there will be more matchups to learn and more viable tactics. More variety. It seems that everybody is broken god tier, not just Magneto, Storm and Sentinel this time around. I like the philosophy that everybody should be powerful.

MvC2 feels like Capcom dabbled with Mugen ripping their own sprites and filling the game with about 30 weak ass characters. Marvel 2 is a great game, but is seems like game balance and character viability was not even considered.

I’m still having fun messing around with what all the characters and combinations that can be done. One year from now and I think we as a community will have only just scratched the surface of Marvel 3.