After 1200 hours and 10,000 online ranked matches is it normal to still be less than 7000bp?

Or am I just shit? I main Ryu and I can get passed 2500pp and the closest I’ve gotten to 7000bp is about 6900bp. I know bp and pp isn’t a great measure of skill, but generally good players tend to have higher points. I dunno, 1200hrs seems like a long fucking amount of invested time and yet have little to fucking show for it.

*can’t get passed 2500pp. (where’s the edit button gone…)

1200 hours altogether or 1200 hours of Ryu only?

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1200 hours of Ryu only pretty much. That being said I bought a fightstick about 2 or 3 months ago, so about 400 hours with Ryu and fighstick.

Do you host ranked matches and accept everyone? If so then it is not as bad as if you join matches and avoid players to be known as better than you.
And also important: System? XBOX tends to have more skilled players than PS3. PC has a very polarised crowd with absolute newbies and some serious threats.

All in all I would say that reaching B+ should be quite easy to attain for everyone. In a fraction of 1200h ranked matches. From there it is a little harder but with a win rate of at least 60% it is also no problem to climb up further.

Maybe it is Ryu. Everyone knows how to fight Ryu. Pick Adon :wink:

or Claw…

I’m on Xbox and I find that once you hit 2000pp you start being matched up with really good players. It isn’t abnormal for me to be matched up against people with 3000pp+ and 12,000bp+ regularly. They of course destroy me. I think it’s the fightstick tbh. Doing ultra 1 from the player 1 (left) side is still a real bother for me. And also Ryu doesn’t have any gimmicks that people rely oh so much on in this game. I might just use Adon as you said or join the majority who only go for top tiers. Maybe Cammy, she’s an op annoying bitch.

Well if you actually end up picking up Cammy make sure your links are crisp and your execution is on point for the most part. Not dropping combos is important for every character, but with Cammy you really can’t afford to miss any. Then again if you only play online it might not be as apparent as 90% of “players” will punish dropped combos with a throw or a sweep.

What exactly did you invest the time on? in the training room or in ranked lobby. if its the ranked lobby then you pretty much wasted your time. the only way to get better is in the training room where you learn your combo and perfect your fundamaentals like anti air, spacing of moves, throwing good projectiles and mixup options you have as Ryu.

If you say Ryu has no gimmick or setup what will you say of Balrog, he doesnt even have a cross up. If you want to get better just watch better players play and soon you will see what they do different than you.

If the amount of time you put in doesn’t seem to be paying off then I suggest using a different approach as to how you spend your time to improve. People improve differently, and maybe grinding out hours of matches isn’t always going yield the best results.

Personally for me, I think it’s more important to become aware of whatever tendencies you have that lead to good situations or bad situations, no matter how you’re choosing to play the game.
So to get better at recognizing this I think watching replays of your own matches helps a lot. Especially after a bad streak or troublesome matchup. It sucks watching matches you lost, but sometimes you need to take yourself out of the fight directly to see more clearly and see whatever went wrong so you know what to avoid… shit sometimes it helps to have another pair of eyes analyze the match and point out something (even if it’s something you “already know”, hearing it out loud from someone else tends to make you think about it more so you can deal with stuff more efficiently).

Then after that, if you don’t have a good answer to whatever it is that gives you trouble, hit up training and set it up to find an answer or at least work on avoiding that bad situation. Maximize your wins by maximizing your good situations and maintaining control in your matches.

The skill level on xbox live is much higher, if it was on PSN then yes it would be abnormal. On PSN I play flowchart Blanka/Bison/Vega who are B+. Also it might be the character you play, everyone knows the Ryu matchup, you might wanna change your playstyle or try another character.

You can lose 80% of your matches and yet still get 10k+ BP easily.
Heck I have seen 15k BP players with only 1k PP.
Don’t bother about BP it does not reflect your skill. It only reflects how much you have played.
PP is what counts and actually reflects the skill lvl of a player.

I spend a lot of my time in the training room. Of the 1200 hours I’ve invested in this game I’ve probably spent about 600 hours in the training room practising my combos, all my ultra set ups and anti-airs etc. The rest of my time I’ve spent trying to gain experience in ranked matches online. I feel like to win online regularly you need to have stupid gimmicks, people fall for gimmicks all the time. Ryu has no gimmicks. To win with Ryu requires actual skill. Y’know, things like footsies, zoning, good execution, anti-airing. But most of the ‘best’ players online use Cammy, who is quite simply OP. Or they use Seth, who in order to beat you must play completely fucking stupid and random. And then there’s also Akuma who dominates every game because of his air fireballs and the fact that he deals out huge damage. And then you get Blanka’s who just bullshit their way to 15k bp, and Guy players who basically rush you down with all his mixups. Seriously, why the fuck is Guy so underrated? His speed and mixups are off the charts. He can jump in grab you, or just jump in, or he can use his ridiculously long range cross up, or he can overhead from across the screen and combo into it. Or he can knock you down with one of his many super fast half screen moves, he’s just a fucking cheat. I don’t know, I’m thinking of quitting this game. I tried hard, but I’m just not good enough, at least I can hold my hands up and admit I’m shit.

You’re full of shit dude, you have no idea what you’re talking about

Getting far with Ryu In itself is hard. Too many players know this match up.

Says the 2k PP player who got beaten by me 10 times in a row in ranked.
What’s new about ppl like you who can only type stuff like this behind the keyboard, but doesn’t backup anything when it comes to gameplay.

Btw that was the last thing you replied on 1 of my comments " No you can’t, dumbass statement "

I think you shouldn’t play that much ranked to be honest. Points do not prove anything, and online ranked is some bullshit alltogether. People rely on gimmicky bullshit and you only have one and a half round to adapt to their mashing, or unsafe shit no one would do in their right mind in a serious match. So just pump up that friends list with quality players and play endless. Or participate in some online tourneys, i dunno. Ryu is not a great character, he is good, but every one knows the matchup so it’s not like you can surprise someone with some great new tech or setup. Ken is actually a better Ryu in this game…
Also, I’ve been noticing a lot of people with low points playing pretty well, so the dump point and boosting thing shouldn’t be ruled out.

I haven’t played you once in my life, I live in Canada you live in Germany i’m not interested in a laggy match. The fact that I have a 65% win rate and over 1000 matches played with Sagat and i’m not even B+ shows how dumb your statement is. I don’t care how good you are, in my opinion you’re not that good of a player, but when you say stupid mindless shit you need be called out on it.

Guys, guys chill. It’s true that a 20% win rate will bring you to 15k bp is total bullshit though. Once you pass 5k bp, you better stay at 60-65% wins or you will be back to 3500bp in no time and a c+ for you to frown upon.

BP is the easiest thing to gain in SSF4. Anyone knows this, you don’t have to be very good at this game. Tbh even if you are really horrible at this game you can easily achieve 10k+ BP.
I wouldn’t even take time to respond to ppl like you, but since you are such a nice person who likes to respond this way I replied.
And btw I have played plenty of ppl from US, Canada without any lag before.
You are pretty much free at this game.
Your PSN ID is MoroccanJack / Mellouk right? 10-0 I wasn’t on my main acc that day since everytime you have seen me hosting ranked with LiangHuBBB in the past you joined and left right away even when it was always 3 bar.
You have been following my channel since 3 years and ye I am not that good at this game.
Just noticed you are still subscribed to my channel. Problem solved and have a nice day.

It’s totally possible to get 10 k bp and only win 20 percent of the time…if you get ten different characters to 1 k bp lol. Other than that, 60 percent win rate sounds about right.