After a great nite of this game...plz only read if ur sure u can make fun of me


Another fun night at Super Arcade. Wow, this game…

The embodiment of PLUR is what I’m striving to be. Shit won’t happen till I die an old fart (hopefully when I’m really old). And not cuz I’m on some drug listening to dat rave music. When I work, workout, and enjoy my #1 hobby. Respect and honor are the most complicated subjects in existence. Honor is especially what makes us human I think. I learn about these things at my job, at the gym, and when I’m H A B I (that’s my gamertag. PSN: IHABI (rough draft)).

And yeah, I finally switched from Ryu to Ken…cuz damnit, I’m worth it (rolls eyes jokingly).

My only regret last time I went was blurting rather loudly that I’d rather be playing this game instead of going further in the game whose tourney I was in.

This time my only regret is (besides having weak punishing skills) is staring at my fellow fighters’ girls perhaps a bit much at times. (I’m talking about their real life girlfriends).

Also, it’s not too big a regret but I feel I shouldn’t have shadowboxed to “honestly express” myself at times. The fact that I have to “honestly express” myself like that shows that I’m still at best a brown belt.
I have learned that when I recognize at some point that it’s merely showing off, that’s when the show must stop.

I don’t know who to PM here but mods, maybe it’s best to “get rid” of this.


u disgust me.




LOL big time. This is why I love this board!


I mean I laughed so hard tears…

Ahem, on another note, I understand somewhat that porting a CPSIII game to current consoles is a beast of a project.

Capcom, instead of me giving you more money, am I really gonna have to shell out even much bigger monies to some used arcade cab dealer?

Also, guys, I had an idea for a blog: I’d quote fighters from all the fighters I’ve played and give a one sentence response. I was thinking one a day.
Examples: “MY FIGHT MONEYYYYY…” That’s why you lost my brotha…
(I don’t remember exactly but) “Range…Speed…Priority…Know and master all your attacks.” 'Nuff said.

Then I thought, why the hell would someone listen to a loser like me?

Last night, floe took all our fight money. 29 win streak, then he moved on to “better” things I suppose.


better things like a cheeseburger.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH for reals. hahahahahahahahahah

EDIT: Plz, moar jokes!!!

2nd EDIT: I’ll do my best to “laugh out loud” sparingly. Can’t be spamming the boards all day now.

3rd Strike: Can someone plz link a thread that’s comedy gold?


This one


Roshi is giving this forum STD’s.


I actually I believe it’s another dude that is giving this forum STD but I wont name any names, because I also feel guilty for making this forum such a dirty place


I think this forum is great.


I don’t wan no scrub. A scrub is the Player tha won’t get no love from me, sittin on the 2p side of this American cab, tryn ta wake shoryu me.


This guy won’t understand my 3s gods pic but he can still play hion with it.

MOV the prettiest, just like his RL version.

Who likes gurls like Rikimaru?

OH and


I guess Kuroda wants the GF to never ever get beat, and extend his 3s life with many new challenges. Oshit, a new theory right there. GFs in arcade, universal.


floe not bad, his girl not bad…unfortunately we suck too much to steal her heart with our pathetic play.
Damn, I so wanna make a cool fat joke…

Dander, nice lol


This forum knows floE all too well. So enough about him.

Anyone else cool you play down there at Super? Ever want to make the trip to FFArcade?

With your name… you might be able to go first on team vs teams! jonguroo. Sorry to make fun of your name without knowing anything about it.


I played Justin (not the famous one), David, John, and Matt Chin and a few others.

My korean name is hard to romanize. It’s Jong, long o, then oo. Jon Goo works too I suppose lol. My parents and whatever official didn’t romanize it properly. Jong Yoo it says on my driver’s license.

If I play with you guys and then you guys say I can be on a team, I’ll do my best. You know I’m playing online right now and it’s not just lag. My mind cannot focus as well. Staring at a CRT moniter less than a foot away from your eyes with the competition right next to you…yeah that cures my ADD big time. I mean online does as well but not as much. I feel hitconfirming is one thing that benefits on a cab.


it’s completely different. you’re absolutely right. having the big square screen taking up 80% of your field of view really makes you hyper aware of things.

isn’t it great? it just feels great. the game feels so much more animated and ‘big’.
big as in real, true, tremendous, engrossing I guess.

good luck man. you’re lucky and you’re actually making use of your luck.
don’t. stop.
keep playing. but use ryu. he’s soooooooooo much cooler than ken.

my gf has hung around and seen me play (and played) btw. then she went elsewhere once she realized no one was going to pay attention to her. :slight_smile:


I’ll still use Ryu but honestly as of now Ken is more fun. He’s just got that much more firepower.

Yeah, I’m lucky. I’m thinking I should make it twice a month. Thing is, it’s a little over an hour away. If it was like just 30 min. then perhaps almost every week.

About gfs though, I think you’ll find me respectful. If I know they’re single well I dunno lol. My gawking I felt was a bit much though I think. Imagine a place where over 90% dudes and a hot chick walks in though. Awwwoooooooooo! (In my head of course).


After visiting different arcades the past couple months, all I gotta say is…Super Arcade! Why are you all the way in Walnut?!!

And really, it’s not just because that’s where the best go, the atmosphere and people are great there.

It’s the only arcade I’ll go to now (besides tagging along with friends that want to go elsewhere). Good me and my buddy take turns driving. If I drove every week…damn. Every other week…not too bad I think.

EDIT: I wanted to write this because I just got home from an arcade I discovered 15 min. away from my house and even though 3s is the main game there, well, it’s no Super Arcade, I’ll say that much.


What arcade was that?