After Evo, Close Thread

Evo’s done, close thread.

hey man
this weekend is no good for me, but you are welcome to come to my spot sometime and get some games in.

I’m down saturday at your spot hit me up dude. maybe u can come here and we can go to tyrams(it’s probably cool I just gotta ask) or some shit. Hit me up dude.

I wanna play.Im willing to go over to the east bay. let me know i wanna get better in cvs and need to play new ppl.

WOOOO SHINOBI!! I’ll call you up Friday after work man, been WAY too long since we played. Same phone number right, no surprises there? If you want I can come out to you no prob either man, we’ll figure it out tomorrow.

repuken: Where you at? If you want to PM me your phone number so we can get you in on some cvs Saturday, go ahead.

:lol: I’m down for all of those games and I’m trying to get better and play new people too. also I use a controller too. just let nme know when and where or pm me. also I stay in Union City. :tup:

Why not go to MGL and play those games? I’ll be there around 7ish if anyone is going for MVC2.

The short answer is, “I hate MGL.”

The long answer involves lack of transportation, paying to play a game I have at home on sticks I don’t use, terrible food rather than making something tasty in a kitchen, not having to deal with asshole management, and probably more reasons I can’t think of at 8:30 in the morning.

So yeah, I hate MGL.

:lol: I could probably go but I like to use a controller and I really :sad: suck at arcades/sticks. so I would much rather play someone at their house or something like that on a systenso I can use a controller :wgrin:

Don’t worry batman, we got you. I’m gonna talk to shinobi and find out where we’re playing tonight, then i’ll let y’all know.

That’s cool if you don’t like MGL. I don’t too really, but it is nearest arcade around here. Actually, I think there sticks and buttons are pretty good. Anyway, if you guy gathering around Alameda area, can you post up where you will be playing and if you guy don’t mind I join? By the way, I play mainly MVC2, but some 3rd Strike.

Yeah sure. I might not be able to post it up, as I have no internet access at home right now. If you want to PM me a phone number where I can get ahold of you, that would be best. Same goes for you Batman. You can PM me your # or you can hope shinobi will be able to post up location. Your call.

I forgot to ask, are you gathering today? If so, I will be free around 6ish. Let me know and I’ll pm you.

Not today for me anyways, I’m gonna get something set up for tomorrow though. I have plans tonight right after work.

I’m only available today for this weekend, so I’ll post up next time when there is another opportunity to meet.


i guess nothing happened today

Sorry rep, I left your # at my office like an idiot. Had to skip Fairfield trip myself thx to landlady. I played with Batman from about 10pm-2am. GGs Batman, it was fun.

ONIKAGE : Yeh Im back in the BAY…lets battle sometime soon…

-D R B

Doc Bizzle in the house lol.

hey guys just wanted to invite you all to my place in Fairfield this Tuesday night. We will be watching the EVO world footage that my friends got who showed up for the event plus we will be playing cvs2/marvel and maybe a little 3s. if you are interested please send me a pm and i will reply giving you the info.

I have

2 arcade machines (only the DC one is working right now)

2 tv’s 2 DC’s and a ps2.

please if you come BYOC we need sticks and converters for dc’s also more dc’s would be good too. never too many lol.

hope you all can make it and hope to see some old faces again.


You have one of these on an upcoming weekend I will come through…mid of the week is a little too rough RAM…

 -D R B