After EX donkey kick, can u do this combo

In the corner when u do EX donkey kick, its hard 2 do srk or hurricane and I see peeps do a standing HP but can u do a stand HP and then straight away press F + HK combo that Ryu can do.

I mean will the HK hit the opp in the air as well or will the HK miss ?

Here’s a tip: stop making up combos. It’s far HP then HK, and no, the HK won’t connect.

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oh is it, so it the hook style HP as opposed to the standing uppercut style HP

It’s the hook one. Stick with DP or hurricane. If you have trouble connecting those in the corner, I think a close HP would be the next most damaging option.

I’m not sure damage-wise if it’s worth it, but for being stylish I like to j.hp, c.hp xx EX side kick, then quickly leap into the air and EX hurricane kick. Does around 8 hits, I believe.

Waste of meter bar…

I like st.jab reset after ex CHHYEAAHH cause it puts them in a confused situation and that leads up to uber mix up oppertunities.


if opponent is in corner, i like to EX kick (from clHP or jHP>clHP), EX tatsumaki them back into the corner and juggle with shoryu. takes a lot of strict timing though.

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But yeah that combo the OP talked about doesn’t work.

I have a hard time timing my EX tatsumaki for that combo though.

Usually I just wait till I’m facing the other way and hit them with crouching fierce, dash towards them, and throw or something. If it’s a shoto, expect a shoryu so just parry or block it after dashing.

yeah, i try to do it whenever i have the opportunity, but i mess up a lot. i’m hoping to get the timing down as second nature one day.

How do you combo into EX donkey?

The only reliable setup I know is off of a jump-in. Just wondering if anyone uses any other setups (like close fierce). I tried using close fierce, but I’m having trouble hit confirming.

Any joudan, or “donkey kick” combo isn’t hit confirmable, and is pretty much a punish only combo, although Ruu will sometimes snag people throwing out pokes with EX Joudan, which is pretty solid.

Bummer. Ex donkey kick combos do so much damage I was hoping there was a way. I’ve had mild success with low fierce, but I think I’ve read that low fierce isn’t that great of a poke (no range and disadvantage on block?). Anyway, thanks for the response.

On the contrary, I’d say c.fp is one of Ryu’s most underrated pokes. It has crazy priority, and against certain characters it’s pretty safe on block (Urien). It’s one of the better counter pokes in the game.

Well then, I guess I’ll keep trying and see how it works. Granted it can be blocked high or low (and probably parried both ways, too), but if I can hit confirm it, I think it would be well worth the damage.

edit: After messing around a little more just now, ground based donkey kick combos don’t seem viable, which is too bad.

Well, it’s not hit confirmable still, but it’s great for baiting pokes. I’ve seen Ruu catch a couple people with counter c.fp’s. You can kind of use it as an option select for counter poking…

If you keep some spacing with them such that you could only hit them if they throw out a poke, and you always do the EX Joudan, it will only come out if the c.fp hits.

I also see it him and others use it to punish a baited throw tech. They will do, as if setting up a tick kara throw, then c.fp > ex fb. It’s pretty useful.

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Something into EX Joudan, cr. mp., hp shoryu

Straight up. I don’t give a fuck, dawg. I build meter all in the middle of my shit. I don’t give a fuck if you is floatin’ cuzz.

That sounds pretty cool.

You can hit-confirm into an EX sidekick after a meaty UOH->HP. Takes practice and you need to know all the different timings for the various characters. But it hurts like hell :tup:

About low HP, it has more range than close standing HP, but with the same damage and stun, so you should take advantage of it whenever you can. It’s also 2 frames faster than low MK.


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if your having trouble doing a shoryuken after a corner EX kick due to cross over,
just do hcb punch to make the shoryuken come out.