After her super (sa2) question

Okay after her super some people do fierce2 and others do down+mk2

What are the differences since the damage is practically the same?

2 jumping Fierce’s wouldn’t knock them down, the opponent will flip back on their feet.

2 down.Forward’s will knock them down.

THere. THat’s the difference! :smiley:

d. mk -> RH -> jump off the wall, LOOKS cool at least =)

Actually, you choose what you follow up the super with depending on where you want Chun to land in relation to the other player.

Most people will do the Fierce- Fierce chain for the first few rounds/games to “train” your opponent. This way they expect for chun to be in a certain places, but when you throw in a different follow-up she will land in a different place, and you can land another combo, because they might be blocking the wrong way.

Mind games.

Sometimes i’ll just do d+forward then d+fierce - but that’s just me. =]

How to combo s. rh into SA2? It comes out sometimes, but alot of times the super doesnt come out. Wuts the timing on it?

the close standing roundhouse (where she hits with her knee) you can combo into SAII by cancelling into a super-jump and cancelling the super-jump into the SAII.

its actually pretty easy, just takes a little practice. Hit roundhouse, and do your first quarter circle for your SA, but instead do a complete half circle ending at at the Up position. this is the movement for your super jump AND the movement for the first part of SAII. Now just do the second quarter circle and hit kick and it should come right out.

No point when you have fried chicken to SA2. =p

can Chun’s close standing roundhouse link into super or is it just super jump cancel? or is the sjc considered a link in this situation?

No, it’s not a link, more like a double cancel. You cancel the animation for the knee with a super jump (like when you cancel the animation for the last hit of SA2 for follow up), then cancel the super jump with SA2.


This is incorrect, Chun can follow-up standing roundhouse with SA2.


which one, close standing roundhouse or the far away one? Close roundhouse is a super-jump cancel, far away is a link IIRC.

“double-cancel” is sort of correct…you’re thinking the same thing, but it’s just called a super-jump cancel.

Close standing roundhouse can be canceled into super or a super jump

Um, no, the close standing roundhouse cannot be cancelled into a super without a super jump. It looks like this:
RH, D, DF, F, UF, D, DF, F + kick. It is NOT possible to connect the super if you do not super jump cancel, as I originally said.

And because I can:
You can clearly see Chun Li go through 2 frames of the superjump, maybe more, since the game runs at 60fps and I can only capture at 30fps.

i stand corrected i guess i never noticed myself sj after the stnd-roundhouse


after SA2 if it’s chun vs chun, you can also do down MK, and then lk, and the lk will hit them RIGHT before they land on the ground, resetting her. ANd then do whatever. do a throw or something.

it hits RIGHT before they are on the ground.
again, RIGHT before

can you believe that?

I dunno if anyone looks at this thread anymore but, what are some things you can combo after the air stomp?(d+mk)

after sa2 and anti air. I saw in the co-op cup the guy did against dudley:
stomp, j.fierce(but it was the neutral jump fierce), c.jab (they flip)

stomp, something, b+fierce.

all in the corner agaisnt dudley though.

And I saw Justin Wong did this at TS4:
he anti air alex with the stomp, then i think j.jab to reset them,dash to the other side, then close rh, sa2

yeah can someone expand on down+mid kick stomp madness?