After months of rumors, Guilty Gear is confirmed for the Wii


*When Gamefly updated their listings and included a page for Guilty Gear Accent Core for the Nintendo Wii, a lot of people have waited patiently for an independent verification that the game was currently planned for Nintendo’s new console.

Arc System Works, developers of the series, only responded to requests for a confirmation with the claim that they did not know where Gamefly received their information. Though that was a long way from the answer that fans wanted, it did fuel the speculation engine long enough that media outlets have been reporting on this rumor for months now.

But after all the rumors, it seems that we can finally confirm it with authority. Famitsu has a listing for Guilty Gear Accent Core for the Wii in its coming soon section in its latest magazine. The game is scheduled for release on July 26th in Japan (with no word on an American release, despite Gamefly’s listing of July 30th in America).

The Playstation 2 version of the game is set to ship on May 31st in Japan.*

I’m personally not sure what to think about this yet. So long as there is classic controller support, I’m sold, but dang it someone needs to make an arcade stick for the Wii sometime soon. Especially with NEO GEO games coming to the Virtual Console.

More 2D fighting games receiving a release is definitely a good thing, but a soft mod solution for the Wii needs to be released soon. :wink:


… But we can still get it for the PS2? Ok.

Business as usual for me then.


Not a reliable source.


Famitsu’s not a reliable source?


Good lord…if it were true, all the wii-scrubs around the campus here would start thinking they stand a chance against me…rofl If Wii comes out with a stick this might be a pretty decent move on their part but if they somehow try to utilize the wii-mote…barf!


The magazine mentions classic controller support as well as special Wii-Mote + Nunchuck controls.

I shudder to think about what sort of motion sensing feats I’ll have to pull off to do a roman cancel with the wii mote :frowning:


STILL not believing it, all they’re saying is that Famitsu says it’s coming out, for a date that’s near what the gamefly rumor was.

Official site still doesn’t say anything about it.



Don’t believe it until I see it. I don’t need to see people doing volcanic viper with the Wiimote.


AC is coming out on PS2, so I really don’t care much about a Wii release.


fuck the wii

yea i said it


Well maybe you could just use a GC arcade stick? Or you could use a PS2 to GC converter or sumtin…


Saw this on another site earlier. I don’t know if it’s true, but wii fanboys sure loved Guilty gear all of a sudden


Time to buy me one of these, since I stick have the old Fighter Stick SN:

But I bet an arcade stick for the Wii will show up.


But super smash bros is like the best fighting game ever made!!!

end sarcasm…:confused: :confused:


Does the blog even state which issue of famitsu says it? I mean it’s pretty easy to make up bullshit and call it news. I did it with the announcement of Blue Dragon for PS3. :rofl:


I’m sure that got a lot of people needlessly excited. :wink:

It’s the latest issue of Famitsu. The issue also has a small feature on a new Gundam game for the Wii as well as a list of the new PSN titles to download for the PS3/PSP (which actually includes the Last Blade).


You all do know that even if this is true, this announcement has no bearing on any localization for the game. Also you can only play JP Wii games on a JP Wii, even if with the current modchip (which allows you to play burns) you are still restricted to your Wii’s region. Yes that includes burns as well.


That’s not necessarily true.

You are correct about the Wii being region coded, but there are several Wii modchips on the market that allows you to play import games. The only “restriction” there is happens to be the fact that some games have firmware updates that are dedicated to that specific region. If you try running the firmware update, it is possible your system may be bricked. However, so long as you keep your Wii up to date with the firmware updates from 24Connect you won’t run into this problem because the firmware will never be updated by the disc since it will always be the latest update.




No way, I never thought the Japanese people would only be able to play JAP region. Just like JAP PS2 which could play all regions, HAHA damn I’m surprised - had a discussion with my friend regarding the JAP version of consoles always are region-free.