After neutral throw in corner

I swear I saw a video where the guy did a low strong that hit after the juggling throw in the corner BEFORE he did SAII (I think i got it from How the hell do you connect a low strong after the throw? Is there a special input to cancel some animation frames after throws that I’m missing out on? Is it character specific? (it was done on Chunli)

are you talkin about the thehy remy vid?

yup, that’s the one.

don’t worry about that

it’s next to undoable

nah man, its just getting the timing right and doing the neutral throw at the right distance…its also a waste of a SA2 IMO

chunli and makoto. not worth it. if you miss, sucks. id rather start setting up for rapid fire

probably be a good thing to hit with cr strong and cancel it into a lov so they reset into it when they land. or whiffing the lov so u have enough time to go for another throw, or hit confirm super.

i’m going to have to practice that one now!

everdred: exactly. It has some use.

I definitely wasn’t implying to do exactly what the video shows; cuz it seems to be a waste of a super bar.

yea the cr strong after neutral throw is old news still, it works well on elena and chun since they have a wide/slow falling sprite while in the air.

i do cr strong then dash throw normally but if i knew how to time a lov so it buffers from the cr strong that throw mix up would become alot more useful.