After Parrying a Jump-In

After parrying a jump-in, what do you guys usually do?
I’ve been doing the axe kick lately, it hits twice and knocks down the opponent.:wgrin:

it depends on the deep-ness of the jump-in. if they’re just above my head I’d go for s.hp into mixup when they land (s.hp xx demon flip is cool too).

if they’re too far I usually go for (kara) throw or btw connecting depends on how late the jump-in was, and you’re gonna hit them crouched for some reason, so no lk.tatsu on most characters :frowning:

^^ co-sign

If you’re quick, lp reset xx sa1 or kkz - VERY VERY EVIL :badboy:

EDIT - reset then kkz if someone jumps in usually connects only in special circumstances in the corner i.e. they jump back when you have them in the corner. Don’t go trying this if your win depends on it!

Your axe kick tactic sounds real good though. Two hits and knockdown = good shit :tup: Gonna have to steal that one :bgrin:

yeah, I wanna try axe kick too! it does also an insane amount of stun if both hits conects :lovin:

Oh yeah, that’s my special trick. Sets 'em up for wakeup nonsense. That and the SA1 are both great for me.

so be it, axe-kick ftw:looney:

in reference to the jab reset kkz in the corner, would it be easier than a normal midscreen jab reset kkz?

Do you guys ever do jab reset x hp red fireball? I was messing with akuma in training mode the other day doing lk hurricane -> jab reset canceled into various things and was having fun with that. I’m not sure if it’s something people will see coming and parry in a match, but it pushes back pretty far and knocks down.

if they block the red fireball, they can reversal you. IF they aren’t quick, its a good shock tactic. Works well on xbox live :rofl:

mid screen reset kkz after lk hurricane can be tricky at times if the opponent is too far away, so always easier in corner. As for doing it after you parry a jump in, it will not work mid screen. Opponent gets pushed back too far after the reset.

I was just watching the kysg vid and messed around with one of those crazy combos. Its fucking hard and I can probably get it once out of 10 tries, but its looks too dope. Jump in with a really late hurricane (1 hit), then lk hurricane(1 hit), then mk hurricane (1 hit) - and then the hard part is HP srk for 3 hits. Very hard on the shotos, easier on Chun, Alex. You can see this combo when KYSG does a 100% on Ryu - its the combo he does after Ryu is stunned and he’s done with the stun juggles. He cancels into SA1 afterwards off the HP srk.

If you cancel the jab reset into the fireball, I think it might hit before they land, but I was doing it in training mode so I couldn’t tell if the dummy was still in the air or just not blocking.

Edit: I don’t think I had the dummy set to auto guard, because it’s blocking every time… so nevermind about the whole fireball idea

Deffinitely short, short super. Sometimes you can just ditch the parry, dash-under and short, short, super.

so you’re tellin me, that after u parry a jump in, u hit him with a short short super??
are u sure thats rite yo?? i thought the dude has time to recover by then, because you’re goin for a cr hit.

When you parry a jump-in move they’re vulnerable when they land, and they’ll be in crouching frames (except Yun/Yang who will be standing). c.MK xx SA1 would be guaranteed in that situation and it’s what I would do. If you’re gonna do this, time it so that they land on your leg. If they’re really close to the ground when you parry, c.MK is gonna be too slow though so in that case maybe I would throw.

-c.MK xx SA1
-c.MK x MK hurricane, MP srk (if they were close)
-c.MK x any srk (close again)
-close HP into whatever (if they’re pretty high)

Yea, why not? You can only do it if there landing pretty close. If not just do what Gajinblaze listed.

For me, I never really plan on what to do after parrying a jump-in - its more like option parry then HP them out, depending on their descent angle. I like following up with dash, F+mp which tends to get most people. The two moves build up A LOT of stun.

Please remember - thats just FYI as part of the safe way that I try to play Akuma.

The things gaijinblaze listed are IDEAL if you can do them.

Just one question though, after parry and s.fp, since they land on crouching frame, is that mean f+mp is guaranteed ? or they still can block it ?

they can block. You’re always safe on landing.