After reading over slagcoin a few times

I’m still a little confused on what exactly I have to do about the analog sticks on a 360 controller. Could I just leave them where they are and not have to deal with them? Or do they have to be removed?

If they are removed I don’t really understand what it is I have to do to have them sit in a neutral position. Could anybody shed a bit of extra light on this for me? Thanks in advance.

i just remove the thumbstick and cut off the metal bit that’s sticking out and its done. if you remove them completely you need resistors or something.

all you really need to do is make sure they dont activate when you dont want them to

You know, there’s a padhacking thread for just this kind of thing…

Anyway, if you have room to leave a pcb with the analog sticks on it, that’s fine, you don’t need to do anything special to them. If you remove the analogs, you need four resistors per analog, 5k-10k ohms are fine. The X axis and Y axis both have three points that you desoldered to remove the analog, you need to add a resistor connecting each of the outer points to the middle point.

Alright thanks. Are there any benifits to having them completely removed other than taking up less space?

Nope, it’s just a lower profile.

Well hot damn, looks like I have all the info I need to get started.

EDIT: Wait, I forgot about the triggers. I’m not entirely sure what to do with them either. Can I just remove them and that be it? Or do I have to do something special to them after I remove them?

You’ll have to use a resistor if you remove them, or you can just leave the pots there and remove the plastic junk and ignore them.

Think I will just set them to neutral then Hot Glue em. What I plan to do soon anyway.

Thanks for all your help guys.

Yeah, I’m working on the PCB section now. Seems to be the biggest priority. Hopefully some things will be a bit more understandable after the update that I hope to get done within a week. Going to add more subsections and information and images that will maybe make many things a lot more obvious. I think letting it get bigger is a good idea because of this. Thank goodness for content links.

The only real suggestion I have is a step by step soldering tutorial like… solder this wire to point A on the PCB and point B on the button, joystick, or whatever. There are a few of those around as it is but just a thought.

First and foremost I want to say I love you, slagcoin. Your site (along with these forums) has been incredibly helpful in helping me navigate this somewhat confusing yet awesome world of DIY arcade sticks.

I too am finding myself a bit confused and definitely intimidated by the PCB portion of the project. I’m no virgin when it comes to soldering, but the connections and the resistors (if you have to use them) and the barrier strips, and common grounds…it’s just too much for me to really fully understand right now. I think a nicely illustrated solder guide for the commonly used PCBs out there would be a great help to confused stick building wannabes like myself.

Maybe I’m just reading too much right now…not letting enough sink in.