After the corner combo

after you launch in the corner then magic then rp, you can follow up hp,hk… my friendwas able to launch the opponent again after that but couldn’t do it again… is there any combos that would connect after that? after the two fireces i mean…

Roundhouse is an OTG, then you launch, but it’s useless as if I recall you can’t SJ after them, I just do a normal jump, lk, fp, land and grab them.

yeah, u can’t super jump after fly screen, unless something interferes, like an assist

is there any way you could add an assist to make this combo work?

you could hit launch and psylocke at the same time and then hsf, but you don’t normally play sent with psylocke.

the timing sucks

Just unblockable that shit!

yep… it’s possible… :evil:

ic…u sure…cuz every time i try and hit launch and assit the assit never comes out…or it comes way too late…what am i doing wrong? Oh…btw unblockable is very hard to time…it varies everytime u do the corner combo.

ahh… so you could still re-launch? then go for the grab or unblockable? i’ll try that…thanks for the help…

Maya-- it’d be better NOT to relaunch after flying screen, since they recover in the air and you can’t superjump after them. For the unblockable, do it while they’re getting up from the sj.HK.

ie: Launch, magic series, rp (Flying screen is in effect starting here), sj.HP, slight pause, sj.HK, land, unblockable.

Hard to time though. Easier to follow up with, j.hp, then try to throw.