after the grab



i still new with yun and i am use to playing with alex but i can’t figure out what to do with yun after i do this grab move i forgot what it called but it when you grab then flip over on the other side


c.strong, strong lunch punch
or c.forward, strong lunch punch
With some chars (mak, chun, Q), you can do close s.forward and superjump cancel to something…
And with some other chars you can inch forward a bit and do a 123

#3 xx lunge punch is the most common one you want to do… except on like… Urien and the fatty characters if you want to and sj cancel into air normals.


Against Dudley you can grab, walk a little, c.strongXXroundhouse upkicks. Builds lots of meter and gets good damage. You can do the same thing against Chun, but u have to use the forward upkicks instead. I know this stuff works on certain other chars too, I just haven’t tested yet to see what works on whom.


Better than all that, courtesy of BK’s blog:

Vs Oro/Alex/Remy:

Zenpou grab, walk up, cr MP, st LK, LP lunge punch

Vs Makoto/Chun:

Zenpou grab, walk up, cr MPx2, st LK, LP lunge punch

Vs Twelve/Hugo:

Zenpou grab, walk up, cr MPx2, MP lunge punch

Vs Dudley/Ibuki:

Zenpou Grab, walk up, cr MP, LK upkicks

Vs Urien:

Zenpou grab, walk up, st LK, MK upkicks

Vs Q:

Zenpou grab, walk up, st LP, st LK, delay st MP, LK upkicks, cr MP, MK upkicks


Nice. Got some practicing/memorizing to do then. The Urien one(walk up, st LK, MK upkicks) works on shotos as well.


Why not x dp+hk on Dudley? Work just fine.


(Note-this is for when you have genei-jin…basic combo is in the end) when you do the zenpo tenshin…on the following characters you can walk up and do chainxxGJ :
Q, chun-li, makoto…im not sure about characters like Necro,Hugo, or twleve…im gonna check up on that and make corrections later…but for sure, positively, 100% sure you can walk up and 123 GJ on these 3 characters (Q, Chun, Makoto)

oh yeah for everyone except for urien, dudley, and the charcters i mentioned earlier…you can just do cr.mpxx mp.lunge punch…Dudley was already mentioned and Urien you have to do into lunge punch


Doing a GJ combo after a command grab is only good if it kills them. Otherwise the damage scaling makes it a bad idea.

Command grab, walk 123 works on Dudley, too.

You can actually start a GJ combo with
Zenpou, GJ, s.lp into s.hp, shoulder / f+hp
which is fun but pointless since the combo is going to do something less than 40 damage with scaled damage from the grab.


well its not really that hard to get a Gj bar back since yun builds super fast with his combos and blocked chains…so i wouldnt say its pointless more like gaining an advantage against the opponent ESPECIALY Dudley due to him being strong as hell…you would need to do as much damage possible when in the GJ i heard pyrolee say this too…the whole point of the GJ is to do damage…so whenever a yun player would get a connecting combo or block chain go into the GJ for damge even if the damage scale lowers it…at the end of the combo you should already be placed at an advantageous point in the match where you can get another GJ and go for the KO


After the zenpou grab vs makoto/chun/12/hugo can i really walk up and do 2 CR.MPS?


That’s it exactly there. Do damage. Zenpou into chain xx GJ or straight activation does shitty damage and that’s why it sucks. You can do over 20 points with out meter and less than 40 with super. Just makes your opponent relieved if you decide to go for so bad damage.
Or you can do over 20 from zenpou and activate while they are down and force a big combo on them.

At least Makoto and Chun, yeah. Not that hard to do even. Squeezing that in there after 2’s is really hard though.


That’s some sweet stuff, thanks!