After your tag [SRK]

I go on kaillera as Anti-Girl[SRK]
and today

<Cor> are you from the SRK forum?
<Anti-Girl[SRK]> yes…
<Cor> then your gonna pwn me, nvm lets play

needless to say

i think everyone from SRK should add [SRK] after their tag (all caps, in [square brackets])
this way we can easily identify whos actually from here and discuss matches easily and even not have to play "scrubs"
id like this for SFIII:3rd Strike but sure could be used for any game, and we will look like a cool ‘pwning’ clan :lol:

i approve of this picture

Not a bad idea at all.

funny lol

This would be useful if people didn’t have different names on Kaillera. Plus random people might think it’s a fad and start doing it without knowing what it means, or it could attract more amazing '07 posters (note: that’s sarcasm). Being from SRK also doesn’t automatically mean good either.

I tried putting 3S at the end of my name in case someone wanted to play but didn’t know if anyone else wanted to. Hasn’t made a noticeable difference.

Mathematics, I’ll remember to add a [SRK]. I also need to get rid of my insecurities when playing. Im always afraid to make a match because of what people might say. So I don’t get on much. No this isn’t an excuse for me being “bad”, I know I’m bad and mediocre at best.

I hemmed and hawed about it… and I’ve adopted this scheme.

good idea.

ill do it
but i probably wont be able to play till i get a new comp in a couple of months

I think a lot of people have that feeling at first, but in my experiences I’ve found there are a good enough number of okay people on kaillera that you needn’t worry about it. Also if for whatever reason someone gets on your case, or you feel uncomfortable you can switch your name and come back, or go to another server. People who post in this forum who are pretty nice even when you’re new to a game.

At least in my experiences.

The only time I can think that you will get heat for putting [SrK] at the end of your name is if you are a beginner and some guy beats you and now thinks he is the shit for beating a SRK poster. If you are just starting out, save yourself the flak and just use a normal name.

Funny enough, I had the same experience as Anti-Girl with my SRK handle. Some guy saw my name and is like “damn im going to get owned now!” lol. Funny how 3 letters can bring the fear.

If you do use the tag just remember to not embarrass us and act like a total dick online.

lol this is like clan srk

Guys thinking too deep here, it just there to show youre from the forum, while some of you dont mind playing anyone i myself would rather play my XBL peeps. specially if they on my hot hot XBL SFAC Live forum. <3

Most of the people I’ve played on West Wonderland have all been from SRK… there are rarely any occurences where the person I’m playing is not a SRKer


Although I’ll be on the east coast all this weekend. I dig the [SRK] though.

Ahhh, I played you earlier. You’re the only one who has owned me on kaillera so far. But I have beaten about 4-5 scrubs in fair sized streaks until I get bored of the lag. I think I’ll put the tag on now that I recognize that it is like a club thing to do or something.

Random note, how do you pronounce kaillera? I’ve been saying kai-yer-a to pronounce the double ll’s like the spanish. But my friend called me a retard and insisted it was kai-lur-ra.

I always pronounced it “Kai-lare-ruh”.

Hey that was a fun set man glad to see you here. As for pronouncing Kaillera… I dont. I just say Mame:rofl:

no way.

guaranteed i am the worst killareaer( is that how you say it)
on srk
cant play no 3rd yet but im down for some ss2,4 and vampire savior 2 as well

Not that I use this, but here’s a random idea. Why not put the SRK first, so that when you choose to order the names alphabetically they’re all grouped together? Like "SRK/<name>.

I figure that if people will do this to begin with, chances are they’re interested in playing other SRKers.