Afterglow Prizmatic Gaming Headset Review

Does wearing 2 of them increase performance?

Hahahaha!!! I see what you did there…

Anyway, my first thought was that this was a spam attempt, but the review still intrigued me. I went ahead and bought them yesterday, and wouldn’t you know it? This headset is pretty cool looking, and they sound a lot better than I thought they would! With the included cable, I can use them with my iPhone (including the mic), and although it’s available for purchase separately, you can get a cable with inline controls.

The bass really punches! And I have to say that the overall sound is great with music. The glowing cups seemed gimmicky at first, but I have to admit that it’s pretty cool playing around with the color settings! Finally, I have to say that as far as construction goes, the headset feels solid, from the firm headband, to the solid click of the buttons when pressed, and the way that the ear cups feel solidly mounted to the band.

The headset isn’t perfect, though - here are a few minor complaints I have about them:

  1. it would be nice if it was a true USB connection setup. As is, you have to use the console audio to pipe audio wirelessly to the headset, so if you’re using HDMI, you’ll have an extra cable hanging off the back of the consoles just to set this up, and you’ll have to switch them from one to the other each time you play if you have more than one. As an option, you can take the RCA audio output from the TV (which is how I set it up), but I noticed a little line noise as a result when I was playing on my PS3. The sound would have been crystal clear otherwise… Since I used the TV out option, I have to go into the audio output settings and change them from speakers to line out - a little annoying. I haven’t tried them on PC yet, but I’ll probably check it out this weekend. I’m just hoping that I only have to take the dongle to set it up. All things considered, I’d be interested in a new USB accessory for it if it was reasonably priced and either made use of the console’s digital audio out, or just made use of the USB connection only.

  2. if you have a big head, the steel headband will probably squeeze the hell out of your head. I would say that I have a “normal” size (7 3/8 cap size), and it can get a little uncomfortable after prolonged use. The same can be said for oversized ears, since the ear cups snuggle around your ears when you put them on. I personally don’t feel any ear discomfort, but some people might find it uncomfortable.

Honestly, there’s WAY more to like about this headset than there is to hate. If none of the points made above bother you, then y’all should take a good look at these. I don’t think you can find a better deal for under $100 - or $120 if White headsets are your thing… Personally, I wouldn’t pay the extra money just for a difference in color (to each his own), but did notice that Best Buy claims the Black headset as an exclusive.

Bottom line? I think that for $100, I made a good buy. I’d give it a 9/10 if anyone asked me to rate them.

/\ Nice try Fanatiq.

Nah man - if I was Fanatiq, I would’ve said they were PERFECT, lol.

There also great for tournament bc of how easily portable they are - I usally just do fighting games and arcade sticks but as I said in the video the product inspired me _ @ Play Doa you can adjust the headband to loosen it up a bit when your thinking hard