Aftermarket PCB with Analog Support OR map analog input to a single button


Hey all,

In effort to make a new Hatsune Miku controller, I would like to find a PCB with analog support, preferably that can be mapped to a single button.

Here’s an interesting thing that maybe someone can explain to me:

When I play Miku with a stick wired with an MCCthulu, the joystick will execute the “starred” notes which normally require analog input. Is there something about the way the MCCthulu board identifies itself to the PS3 that says “I don’t have an analog stick, so treat the dpad as analog input if needed.” or something along that line?


Any input on the directionals of an MCC trigger both the analog and the d-pad. You can see this when you plug it into a PC and go into the device settings and button test.


True, and I agree with this but
you can force D-pad only mode by holding start while plugging in your MC Cthulhu stick


Are there any pad hacks out there that can map an analog direction (i.e. x-axis +100) to a button?


Not really, at least I never hard of it before.

You can wire a button to a d-pad direction just fine.
Electrically there no difference between lets say a Hit Box layout, a proper D-pad and a authentic Digital Joystick.

You can wire lets say Up to a button, but not Y-Axis + 100. Their is not precedence to even start with that.


Actually, I believe that if you padhack a standard controller PCB that has analog sticks, you might be able to get this to work.

(G) = Ground terminal
(S) = Signal line
(V) = Vcc terminal
—[ ABC ]— = resistance

Neutral state:
(G) —[ X Ohms ]— (S) —[ X Ohms ]— (V)

When you tilt the stick all the way in either direction, you get either
(G) — (S) —[ 2X Ohms ]— (V)
(G) —[ 2X Ohms ]— (S) — (V)

So in theory, if you neutralized the pots like you normally do (with the 10kOhm resistors between)
(G) —[ 10kOhms ]— (S) —[ 10kOhms ]— (V)

and then wire up a pushbutton to be in parallel with the resistors between G and S; when pressed, you should in theory get
(G) — (S) —[ 10kOhms ]— (V)

Now, on the flipside, since you’re not changing the resistance between S and V, I’m not sure that all/any controller(s) will register that you’ll have pushed the analog stick all the way to any direction. But I’m pretty sure the above solution will net you an response on the analog stick that’s “not-neutral”.


If the pot is used as a voltage divider then that should work, I think you might want to put some small resistors in series with the switches though. That way you should get something close to neutral if you wire both directions and hit both buttons.


There also alot of guess work to figure out what resistance to use. The method you covered is great for wiring a digital joystick or buttons to an analog input.


I could write a custom firmware for the cerberus that could give you what you want. You want a button that registers X axis exactly to +99, that can be done.