Aftermarket TE Cable Door Replacement?

I recently sent a support ticket to get my TE Round 2 cable door replaced, and they said that they cant help me out with replacing it at all. I was wondering if there are any vendors working on providing a replacement or are we just all SOL and have to come up with our own fix.

I’ve never seen aftermarket replacements for cable doors. You either have to live without it or figure something out yourself.

A lot of guys on here have modded around the door using plastic stock and often fitting their own external USB “B” plug or RJ45 connector.
If that doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, maybe try the trades/selling forum further down. Somebody who’s modded the door out might still have it sitting around in the bottom of their toolbox.

I’ve seen SRK users patch the door up with a piece of ABS. You can also get them custom cut from vendors.

Kinda wish I had a 3d printer so I can just mock up a replacement.

I have the connection to get stuff printed on the cheap. If you can draw it in CAD we can make it happen. If you wanted to be a really nice guy you could put the code out in the wild so other people could print their own :slight_smile:

You mean like this?

This is a Hori V4 with a ABS plastic panel replacing the cable door. The panel initially put in place with super glue and further cemented in with JB Weld.
FYI this cost me $10 (not including shipping) and the supplier only does black plastic.

that’s EXACTLY the example I had in mind.

I’ll draw one up in solidworks soon.

I also asked D3 if I could simply scan it with their 3D printer and get one made. We’ll see what they say.

Awesome! Hopefully we can push for some batch orders or something. I’m sure the community would love to finally have an option for fixing their cable door.

UPDATE: Since my clip had not completely broken off, I just bent it out a bit for more pressure against the chassis and filled the clip with a little bit of heavy duty epoxy. For good measure I took a toothpick and lined the bottom of curve of the outside of the clip to reinforce the strength and to prevent a complete break off. It’s good for now, but I can tell it’s going to break off completely if I abuse it too much.

nvm I misread your post