Against Gill

no one has really mentioned this. probably because he unplayable in multi player on arcade. but how do you guys fight him? any strats? who do you use? where does he come in the tiers? top?
any interesting facts about his normal pokes? cos they are real fast and beat my ones when playing with ken/elena.

God tier (literally lollololo)

Yeah, definitely don’t challenge his pokes. If you can red parry, you can do it when it does that, c.rh series that doesn’t combo but he ALWAYS does.

If you just do stupid shit (like jump around, spamming mk with Remy, for instance), Gill’s AI won’t know how to react, and you’ll win.

hmmm…every time i try this i get a low kick or some other poke. its like one powerbomb starts to get a bit worrying. and his supers are just…well you know - too much. ive noticed that he will regularly eat supers cos hes so aggresive. alexs stun gun nearly always gets him as he just stands there or starts walking back.
i did actually parry the meteor shower for the first time this week tho. its not too bad to parry: its 4 then mashing forward for a while. :clap:
aggghhh i dunno what its like on the highest level :wow:

A good thing to do if you can’t take him out before he gets a meter and ressurrects is to do an aerial move onto him (such as a tatsumaki) while he is in the air gaining his health back, and it will stop his recorvery and he’ll only have a little. Once I tatsumaki’d him out of his res, and finished him with the same combo. It rocked.

I parry the hell out of all Gills stuff. His fireball is a double parry for EVERYONE, his aerial down flying thing is two hits for most people, one for some (like Yun, Ibuki) his “Die” charge is one hit parry, Parrying Meteor Storm on the edges aint difficult (though the pattern is random) DONT TRY TO PARRY SERAPHIC WING, he gets into patterns alot and tries to tick throw so you snuff those out, parry his overhead axe kick (too easy) If you find him getting to easy let him ressurect fully and take his weak ass down again…(I do it…its fun!!!=)His jumps are HIG AN LONG like Elenas, making it all to telling gto parry any futile attack he tries (99.9% of the time he jumps up and tries to kick you, toss that BS aside with a one hit parry, and Punish his ass.)

Indeed. Gill’s AI is very predictable. Good thing is, he really won’t air-parry or anything. Plus, there are a lot of tells as to what Gill will be doing in his moves.

An interesting note about CPU Gill - I was once able to trick the AI by using SA1 Alex by repeating the Swing DDT move over and over until Gill was cornered and I had meter (Oddly enough, in that game, Gill didn’t use his “Die” clothesline). Then, as I had him cornered, I used the recovery time on the DDT to buffer a Hyper Bomb. Quite the fun stuff.

Land one capture and deadly blow with Q on him and you win the round. The comp AI doesn’t know how to deal with Q’s corner c&db resets, so just do that all day. Q > Gill

chun’s SBK > Gill

It’s equally easy to just turtle with Q and outlast Gill. That’s what I do, at least, because I suck with Q.

it’s very funny with 12, XCOPY all the way!!

stay defensive and built meter… then xcopy and kick his ass down!!

With Ken:
Knock him down (wait for jump then LP shoryuken). As he gets up, do d.LK. He will block it. Right after d.LK do LP shoryuken, he will eat it. Repeat. If in corner do double shoryukens.

…and yeah, with Q, [RH C&DB, LP dashpunch, B+fierce]xN is like an infinite on Gill. :slight_smile:

Anti-air D.R.A. hits Gill almost all the time. I don’t think he ever air parries.

Also, if you get Gill in the corner and you have Chunny you can just air stomp his ass to death for an easy supremely high rating on him with little to no effort, XCOPY is fun…JESUS VS. JESUS…lol

With chun li all I ever do is spinning bird kick with HK and then sweep and then start all over again and cpu Gill can’t do anything

with ryu …

throw in the corner , then c.forward X l-hurricane , throw , then C.forward X l-hurricane again …repeat this dumb sequence

With oro just knock him, then do meaty close mp. so that only the second hit connects. When he blocks the second hit just cancel into a mk. chicken kick. It’ll cross him up and he won’t block. Rinse and repeat. Works everytime. Plus it works fairly well against any of the cpu characters.

get the highest damage super you can and super through his poke chains.

works every time.

Ken/Akuma - any were on screen, knock him down and meaty UOH (block or hit),hp srk, repeat until dead

Actually, I think all shoto characters is just meaty, (delay), srk. I guess UOH is easier because the only WRONG thing you can do is time the UOH to be a really late meaty.

Yun is fp.lunge punch from across the screen. Dash back, repeat. Activate GJ when he’s about to resurrect, fp.lunge punch when he gets up, and you have a free GJ combo. (Well, at the cost of meter, but that’s also free for Yun.)