Against ken/ryu

what are some options after blocking ken’s shoryuken ? other than throw

Cosmic heel into slide
Cosmic heel into ex-fba
Comic heel into scarlet terror
HP into into ex-fba
Cosmic heel and cl.HP are both great moves because during their animations you can get a charge going.

I like the Cosmic Heel into Scarlet Terror as the best option for me it’s a no meeter good dmg combo.

if i have meter sc.hp,c.mpxxexfba
if i have no meter or don’t want to spend it ch,st
with AE you can try sc.hpxxex.rcf,c.mpxxex.fba but i don’t remember how much domage you give with this and it’s a 50% meter
oh if i have the ultra stocked raw ultra

yeah just like those above stated those are all viable punishes. I personally use cr.mkxcr.mpxexfba. does great damage and lands a hard knockdown .

thanks guys, but after i block ken’s shoryuken i try to walk up close to do sc.hp, xx fba , ken blocks my sc.hp

cMK xx ST here. usually to save meter and to set up an ambiguous crossunder

one of my favorite is airtag CH ^^ L.ST ^^ EX.ST
you can also airtag CH ^^ U2
you can naked U2 or naked U1 if you have a charge ready
you can cls.HP >> cr.MP xx EX.FBJ ^^ ID if you can be in range to connect cls.HP before he can recover
level2 FA into whatever if you have time

CH ^^ H.ST if you have the time
cr.MK xx H.ST (on some character and at some ranges you may have to use, cr.lp or even to not whiff to punish)
cls.HP >> st.HK is good meter with no charge if you can connect with cls.HP before recovery, but in certain circumstances you ll want to use clsHP >> fst.LK >> cr.MP instead which is much safer on hit.