Against Shotos!?

hi guys!! I’m only asking what u do against them?? in 2 weeks I had a a tournament & I’ll play whit MAKOTO and of course it will be a lot but a lot of shotos (specialy KENs)…2 month ago I win a little torney whit URIEN & RYU…and now I wanna do whit MAKOTO jijiji so I only whant to whot you thinks Friends!!

ummm do you mean with* :rolleyes:

it all depends on the shoto players style. you just got to adjust as quickly as possible. if they jump away when you go for a simple karakusa set up next you do it jump after them. if they dp bait it. if they block karakusa. usually first match is pretty wierd and it’s anyones game, but by the second match you should be able to figure out their style.

yeah your right jajaajaja sorry my inglish skills isn’t too good jajaaja ok I’ll tell you the result of the torney

shotos are real tough cookies for mak. sure use karakusa and mix ups. dont be too offensive tho as you gotta be careful not to eat a dragon punch or some rough ryu shin-shoryu combo. :sad:

Tick throw. Jab, Karakusa. SA2. win.

oh man paulee destroyed me this weekend…

uhhh, dont miss anything, thats all I can say. haha.


You’re going to have to poke very effectively to trap him into a defensive state, and that’s pretty difficult to do. Ed Ma and 5 Star also use defensive/evasive tactics vs. Makoto and it’s harder for her to deal with, because her forte is reversing offensives.

heh, will keep that in mind. playing him was very educating and I see I need to work a lot on execution to be able to hang on that level.

There was a point where I was so frustrated against shotos I thought of moving on to someone else, but now I see its not impossible, you just have to put a lot of work into playing Makoto.

sigh, back to training mode. :slight_smile:

Bait them dragon punches and punish them you just got to play smart study them hard the first round.