Against YANG

i hate that bitch! so damn quick, and chipping me with double slashes :sad: ne1 got any advice ta help me out?

rush that ass down? IMO, this matchup isn’t really that hard for Mak. Get a knockdown, and fuck that ass up. What exactly is this Yang doing to you that you can’t overcome?

Punish all of his slashes with SA1. AHAHAHAHA~

lolz, i guess it’s just that i still generally suck :stuck_out_tongue: uhm, just cant find the timing against his slashes. he’ll find a way to get close, then throw out 1 or 2 slashes randomly. when i try to counter, he nails me w/ EX slashes. :sad: i gez i really hafta learn to red parry huh? :xeye: