Against Yang?

As the title suggest what is one to do when fighting Yang? I can’t really run away from one in order to build genei jin and other than trying to parry I have a bitch of a time attempting to escape pressure assaults. Trying to fire up an offense is difficult too because Yang has just about the same runaway options as Yun. What should I keep an eye on and what can I do to stay in the lead without meter?

Parry low and jump a lot. If he can’t get a or then he can’t link to ex mantis. Try to turtle and stay on the defense if you keep getting owned.

Don’t parry low. You’ll eat slashes. I’m bored… I don’t even play Yang / against Yangs, or even Yun for that matter.

I agree, don’t parry low, only parry when you know something is going to come out.

Once you mess one up, you’ll eat an ex, which afterwards gives Yang tons of options to set up another.

I say don’t parry low, and block them; but always watch out for the HCB+k. When you have score a knockdown I say keep rushing him down since he don’t have any good anti air/moves to get out of a corner. Definetely charge for Genei Jin when you have a chance as well.

Yang is good Vs. Yun. It’s a tough fight as most mirror matches are.
Jump up a lot, lol, that’ll do it.
Honestly, random Jab DPs are kinda good if he likes dive kicks. You out poke him on the ground, that’s all you need to know.
if you can knock him down first with f.Feirce, you win.

DUde,! you have GJ, wtf?

Yun can’t really outpoke Yang on the ground.

alot of wisdom here