AGDQ 2018 is LIVE: $960,850 Raised


Speedrun general. Fine! It isn’t the same event ok!!!

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AGDQ2014 Archived Runs

Columbus, OH - Made you look, Avi!
Doctors Without Borders Speed Run Marathon
Doctors Without Borders Speed Run Marathon

One of the highlights of AGDQ imo. Watching this live had me bewildered.


If I didn’t have an outward facing cubicle I would watch most of it, but I’m going to have to hit the archives unfortunately. Some stuff I’ll watch live for sure.


I am not going to be able to stay awake for all of it but I will be watching a good deal of it.
I am excited to see Yoshis Island, SM64 and Sunshine, donkey kong, any good current gen sonic, pretty much everything. Speedruns are just amazing to watch, the knowledge of the game mechanics that these people have is so amazing. Some of these games are so damn technical when speed ran, its crazy how some of the stuff comes down to 1 frame.

Seriously watching sonic colors or generations speedrun is pretty much bliss. Its like actually watching sonic play.


Trihex I think runs Yoshis Island every chance he gets lol


Favorite speedrunner to watch right now is Kalemandu. He runs I wanna be the Boshy and has all of the WR at the moment (any%, 100%, rape mode).

I’ll probably miss most of sda due to work though. I’ll catch what I can.


Watching Boshy 40:03 speedrun now :tup:


SGDQ is live. Gonna watch right after I workout and get home. Pull some amazing shit again Cosmo plz.


They’re playing RE Code Veronica, and the player is using a fight stick.


Hotline Miami speedrun was so fucking sick. He basically used Tony and just mass murdered everyone and didn’t pause for a second. The devs liked what they saw and just gave Duke Bilgewater (the speedrunner) Hotline Miami 2 for free.


I caught the end of RE:CV, the runner seemed really upset at the end. Felt kinda bad for him. Using an arcade stick was pretty sweet though :tup:

Amnesia run was really cool. Game has superduper broken boundaries. That was really cool to watch. I fell asleep somewhere in here so I missed the Hotline Miami run :sad: I’ll catch it at some point

and I couldn’t tell wtf was going on in that Catechuman seriously that game was weird


They just reached $30,000! Good job for everyone donating.

I was sad I missed the Quest 64 run, but it was starting at midnight lol.
I’ll make sure to check out the Hotline Miami speed run. I just watched Scarface last night, so when I hear ‘Tony’ and ‘Mass Murder’ and ‘Miami’, you can imagine what I’m thinking.


Yea it has been great so far and if you are not watching. Kill yourself!!!


Yea FunkDoc is playing now, from SRK.

He’s one of my favorites because he plays Castlevania.


Good shit on that Batman and Vice play


Echo 2 looked insane yesterday, and now there is someone playing double dragon as both characters. Mind = blown


Super dodgeball has that crazy oki.


Anybody know if Siglemic is gonna run SM64 120 Star this time?


Yeah, Sunday night

I might need to go back and watch that Crystalis, great game. Didn’t know it was on the list.


LttP without Cyghfer is blasphemy. Doom 64 is up next though.

Not many hacknSlash games this year though. Probably have to wait till AGDQ