AGDQ 2018 is LIVE: $960,850 Raised


Clarisrobyn. Also did the Sonic Mania run, which she did a LOT better than this one.

But for whatever reason, she’s the only runner who sits on the damn couch instead of her own seat, which is why that poor dude probably has scoliosis by now.


And unsurprisingly we are overestimate.


Hella looking forward to tonight’s horror segment. Even if it’s at fuck you my timezone.


Permission to rename the Horror Block the “This Has Never Happened Before” Block because the GDQ staple went in overdrive tonight.


RIP Calco.
Should have safety checkpointed.


Tune in now if you know what’s good for you


megaman relay race is live!


Watching the Mega Man relay race, it’s pretty awesome. Good professional commentators.


At this rate it seems they will barely break 1,000,000 unless the final day will literally drown the event in donations

This is the result of alienating 90% of your viewerbase by making the chat sub-only AND getting rid of the most popular incentive of killing/saving animals in Metroid


Let’s be real no pleb was donating.


1 million hit!


Celebration bitches:



Jesus Christ… like 80% of the people in that picture are traps…


They’re not “traps”

Traps are someone like Kayo Police lol


Yea i am protesting this use of traps in this thread. Its not a trap if you see it coming a mile away.


Is that the horror block people were talking about earlier?


How edgy. Wow. I am burned.

You must be really unique to hate on GDQ, an event made possible by people truly living through week after week of pain to prepare this event. They endure because they know they are making a measurable difference in this world to increase early detection of cancer and thus improving outcomes of millions of people.

No wait. You actually like this event, despite pretending to hate it.

You must be something like a teenage boy with the social life consisting of complaining on 4chan in between getting beat down by basically everyone at school.

You can fuck off until you do something productive with your life.



Watch this and learn something new


[quote=“DANZAN, post:1003, topic:162543”]

Watch this and learn something new


I just watched this from someone who posted on FB haha.