Age of Makoto

Sorry for making a thread just for this one simple question, but it just occured to me that I have no idea of her age.

When I read this, I thought this thread was gonna say this is the new of Mokoto and Ken, Chun Li and Yun are finished

Lol! Yeah I see what you mean. = P

No, no, though I wish that were true, all I want to know is the age of that very angry karate kid. :slight_smile:

how old do you want her to be?

Makoto is a teenager, and is speculated to be about 16 during SF3 Third Strike.


I really thought this thread was going to be about Age of Empires, only with Makotos.

Where’d you hear that.

i’d say she is probably sixteen. she is apparently rivals with ibuki judging from their intro, and ibuki is a teen. i think in one of the faqs on they mention her age.

Thank god I thought this was going to be a thread proclaiming Makoto was going to take over the top spot.

Since we are talking about Makoto why did Capcom droped that story of her being Ryu’s sister? I heard it was because of plot holes but I don’t buy it.

Me too. Made me think that someone just recently came up with some hot new Makoto shit.

Well, there is that 100% combo…

if she gets hit by hugo’s 720 she takes it up da butt! :wink:

The 100% stun combo with SA2? That’s not new.

I know, I’m just sayin’ it puts her high up on the chart. Higher than Sean, at least…


Well, higher then Twelve that’s for sure.:razz:

she’s 13 so dont get any ideas…

(Not true)

What is this 100% stun combo? I know it’ll be in a million other places, but…

then just search for it, it’s not hard to find.