Age of Ultron - Ultron General Thread



Just wanted to get the Ultron discussion up and running.

First things I’ve noticed, Air HP is amazing and really good at confirming into full combos off errant hits in the air ( if you’re above him, flight if you’re not.)

Death ray (qcf.lp) beats almost everything, only projectile I’ve seen beat it so far is piecing bolt from Hawkeye.


This is Fchamps Ultron BNB:


Ultron fly bread and butter I have been using


So how bout them Drone combos Marlinpie was doing?


How are you gonna mention Marlin and not share a link?


My fault I assumed y’all were on the up and up and saw the MvCI exhibition at Curleh :expressionless:


You guys have any tips on the flight combos? I played hella magneto in umvc3 I had all the combos on lock. But with only using two buttons it’s very awkward. What’s your guys button layout?


Notation for the 2 drone combo MarlinPie was doing -
st.LP, st.HP, cr.HK xx qcb.LK, qcb.LP, st.HP, cr.HK, cr.HP xx qcf.HK, j.HP xx df.dash, j.HP, j.HK xx qcb.LK, j.LK, Land, cr.HP xx qcf.HK

Messing around with Mind Stone and I found this set up that catches most of the air techs.

It’s not amazing but it’s a start.
I found after recording that if you instant jump Mind Surge that if they tech upwards or try to jump they get grabbed and if they block the drone beam, Ultron recovers before they do (I’d say around +10). Hopefully will record that tomorrow and improve it.


I played hella Magneto as well. My layout is:

LK HK Surge

I like this, since I plan on tagging a whole lot more than using Surge.


I was doing it all wrong you don’t have to do hp dash heavy you can just press light and heavy together. -.- so much easier


My bnb is Launch >, sj.hp, xx fly,, sj.hp, xx unfly, sj.hp, aduf, sj.hp, + tag to standard air combo to super. I’ll try to record some of it when I can.


Can you link a timestamp to this? I’m practicing it in the lab, but I’m having trouble making it work.

Part italicized is when I can’t get it to combo.

Part bolded seems to only work near the corner.


Hi. I am posting this video, but I didnt capture well probably will have some frame drops.

Not sure if it is well know yet, but I explored a bit of the late hit of the Fatal Swipe and a loop he has with it. Exploiding it u can add damage to most of the existing combos and create damaging combos and setups without using any bounces. Hope you guys like it.


Link doesn’t work. The correct time it’s at 21:06.


For the part that you italicized, after the j.HK xx qcb.LK, you use the following j.LK to pick them back up and the qcb.LK hits after that.

Midscreen combo you can do qcf.HK, df.dash, j.HP, land, j.LK, j.HP, dash, j.LK, j.HK


Some more Ultron / X Synergy. Too early to say how strong it is, but it definitely is effective. It’s a two guess situation that can be adjusted to hit in front or back by adding a jab before time stone or not. Both which will catch jumps before they leave the ground.


Wait so you just mash Lp+Hp while holding up forward?


Yep, LP+HP = air dash. Then then HP will cancel the air dash. Once you have done it a few times you will figure out the rhythm and make your inputs more clean


I found a way to make this slightly easier if anyone is interested. After the first qcf.HK I found using j.LK, j.HP, dash forward, j.HK xx qcb.LK, j.LK for the OTG was much easier to land, especially online. I still struggle to get the cr.HP after it so occasionally use st.LP, st.HP xx qcf.HK instead.

Now, has anyone seen this mythical 3 drone combo? I can’t even think where I’d fit the last drone in…

One last thing on the topic of drones - Air LK Drones + Space Surge + Tag is hilarious. I don’t even know which side they’re going to hit.


Whatever combo, end in corner with qcf+hk wallbounce. Hit HP, fly cancel, immediately d/f airdash and it hits crossup standing or crouching.

Thats my story.