Age Requirement?


Hey… I’m 16 and recently got interested in all things street fighter (been watching all the movies/episodes and indulging in some of the games)… I’d love to check out Evo since its during the summer and it wont interfere with school…

Is there an age rquirement? I’d honestly rather wait till I’m older to go if I need over 18 supervision…

Also, when does registration normally open? Is there a fee for entrance even if you don’t compete?

Finally… if I’m a noob, is it still a nice experience to enter into the tournaments? (How many can you enter?!) I might get better in the coming months… but I’ll still probably be mediocre at best.


There is no age requirement. Only if you place in the money, do you need a parent’s signature.

Registration will open soon, just stay tuned to for all the information.

Spectators are free and encouraged, so bring whoever you want to cheer you on!


I’ve taken my wife (girlfriend at the time) to a couple of Evo events before. She’s a complete noob but she competed in a few games and still had a lot of fun. Aside from the competition, Evo is just like any sporting event - it’s very fun to just be a part of the whole experience.


heh, sounds great

so all thats needed is a parent’s signature? if so, that sounds fine to me heh

hopefully I can get a bit better within the coming months… :lol:


is it true that wireless controllers aren’t allowed?

I’m building a stick from scratch and I want to build it for EVO.




isnt the tournament edition stick wireless?


Check here all the info about the TE stick.


So, by inference, will wii-mote attached control options for TvC also not be allowed?

I play wired with ps2->gcn converters, but this is a hot issue with the TvC crowd.


thats if you win (or place) in a tournament



I remember asking the same question last year lol =P


Out of curiosity, does the parent or guardian need to co-sign so that they will have to report the minor’s winnings on their federal taxes?


Are you old enough to party? That’s the only age requirement.


Most of the Smash players weren’t.


I’ll be 18 by then, so I’m good. :slight_smile:


That’s a GOOD thing.


haha isnt cpu like 14? hes godlike at the game and super young… im only 16 but yeah…


Is it? I don’t see the advantage either way.




Not really. It’s simply an observation. Most smash players were younger. Unless I’m mistaken but I don’t see Marvel players show up in minivans and their parents come into the ballroom.