Aged Purple heart Wood


Having a purple heart stick my self for about three months now, I’ve learned that the exotic wood looses it’s luster over the course of years depending on UV exposure and so fourth. after peeking at some awesome stick in the Check out my arcade stick thread i wanted to ask anyone who has had a purple heart stik for 4-5= years to let me know if you noticed a huge difference in the color change or can post a pic so i can see what it looks like. Ive googled faded purple heart wood and i haven’t seen any good pics really seen anything good


This probably isn’t what you’re looking for, but here’s a page a wood worker made where he artificially ages purple heart. It looks like it turns brown/black with age.

Here’s a page that deals with making purpleheart (and other exotic woods) retain their color longer.


yeah so by the look if it, it basically becomes black wallnut, but it would be nice to see what someone stick looks like