Agetec Dreamcast stick


Okay, so I was pretty bored today and decided to buy a Dreamcast for forty dollars. I’ve amassed several fighting games and was surprised to find that there was a joystick released for the DC.

I searched ebay and only one auction came up, for a hundred dollars.

What I’m wondering is this: how difficult is it to find, and if I find one what is a reasonable price? I’m assuming that a lot of people are buying it to scrape out the guts and replace with a new pcb. But I personally just want a controller to play on my DC.

Worst comes to worst, I guess I can simply hack apart a dreamcast controller into a custom.


On occasion you can find them for 50-70, but I’d say around 80 is the price closer to the norm.

They do seem harder to find now. Great stick though, common ground PCB and easy to mod with sanwas. The PCB’s are commonly used in customs for Dreamcast support since it’s better than the official pad (triggers have input lag).


Yeah, I was reading about the triggers having lag. Eighty dollars eh. Crazy how something like that costs three times the cost of the console. lol


I got one for for like $20 or $30 brand new when the Dreamcast was in its dying years. I got it from KB Toys, man I had no idea people are charging more than $50 for it, kind of crazy.


I got one on craig’s list for 50 and one on ebay for 60ish. Also they go up in the trading post now and again.