Agetec Green Goblin Info


Ive tried to search to find out about the pcb of the GG. I dont have one physically in front of me to check it out.
-Is the pcb CG?
-If i want to dual mod it with a psx pcb, what all will be involved to keep the functionality of the VMU reader/slot?

Ive searched but most threads are dead or they ditched the stock pcb for a different one. Thanks



Depends on the dual mod you do.


I want to put a ps1 dual shock in.


Shouldn’t be hard, then. Just do two cords?


If its CG i wont have a problem wiring it up. I just havent modded something with a memory card reader built in. didnt know how to approach it. It might be easier to figure out once i have it in front of me.


it’s common ground.