Agetec Help - first ever mod... I've built sticks from scratch before, but never a mo

Soooo… I’ve decided to take a few steps further into modding my Agetec. Currently, I have a DC agetec stick that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THANK YOU GOLDEN NZ FOR LETTING ME BUY IT FROM YOU!

so, I painted it Purple, and I painted the metal plate yellow…

I need a few things now…

  1. What kind of buttons can I use to replace the ones that come with it? I don’t want to replace the metal plate and go through all that, as I’m really not looking to get involved with lexan and that whole mess.

I’d like buttons and a balltop to match the colors I have… Purple. I couldn’t find purple on Akihabara…
2. Same with joysticks.

I see this mod… I can get a dremel, but I don’t want to NEARLY that much modding. I want to be able to use this stick for PSX and Dreamcast.

First thing: what are all the parts that I need?

I’ll upload a pic in a little while.

They have purple Sanwas, and purple seimitsu bubbletops as well sanwa regular purp tops

They’ll fit the standard Agetec stick? What kind of buttons can I use? I don’t think it’s the standard size.

You’re gonna have to use that dremel no matter what, since the holes of the Agetec are only 28mm, and happ buttons certainly have not enough clearance to fit.

^Yeah, and use this attachment…

The purple paint looks swell+++

regular spray paint. lol

and yeah, i’ guess i’ll have to dremel that out…but do i dremel the actual metal part? that’s a little awkward… i might need to plexi it eventually then, no?

Thanks for that.

now that seems cool and all… i’ll dremel that when i get the buttons…

now for the stick… another question… can i get a regular octagon gate to fit on it? or to do that, would i need to actually go and buy and mod a sanwa or seimitsu into it?

Fisher Price stick.

You need to dremel the metal as the plastic part is large enough as is.

Take care not to scuff the top.

I recently did a mod to my agetec as well.

Yo Mixah you and your friend still interested in MGS1??

I’m not. I said, I sent him a message on facebook. I’ll give him a call later. I was only asking for him.

@Shin AKuma… WOW… i like it. I might have to drop you a PM if I run into some issues. I’m not going to get on this til after my vacation. For right now thoguh, I ordered the parts.

No problem. Just let me know if you have any trouble.

I got my stick to work on the PC using the I-pac chip.

It’s pretty awesome.