Agetec HKT-7300 Sanwa Mod (Guide) - Sega Dreamcast Fightstick


I never posted this one up here, another modding guide and Tutorial.


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The video reminds me of this


I considered a multi PCB, but id likely stick with a PS360+ if I was going to do that. Personally I wanted to keep it as stock as possible. Good mod though!


as i recall that was a pretty dope stick out of box…well the one i had was slimmer profile and had yellow buttons


Those sticks were good (I had to soft-mod both of mine to remove the play in the joystick by putting small rubber bands on the shaft so the direction triggers wouldn’t require so much movement to register), but a better one was the grey Pelican arcade stick with orange buttons and joystick knob. The stick had no deadzone except for when it was neutral, and it made a soft clicking sound instead of the usual noisy arcade stick clunking. I hate sticks with a lot of play so you have to press at least 50% of the way in the direction you want to move in. That stick was fuckin’ SOLID, as well as being cheaper.


I modded that stick, it completely sucks. It’s only reall value is providing a replacement joystick for broken NEO GEO AES sticks.


tell us how you really feel bro…


I once modded the Innovation Dreamcast stick

It was a pain in the ass, the PCB is not common ground, and you have to gut most of the stick to mod it into anything useful.
Don’t get me started with the poorly chosen features, rumble, a Macro mode?

Recently I gotten another Innovation stick just to harvest it for its delicious joystick to mod a Tomo NEO GEO X GOLD stick (a bad clone of the original AES NEO GEO stick) to get the stick to feel better.
I converted the Tomo clone stick to a proper NEO GEO stick with a DA 15 NEO GEO controller cable.