Agetec joystick mod questions

I recently purchased a stock Dreamcast Agetec arcade stick with some use on it. I discovered that the joystick itself is fairly loose, so I figured instead of returning it, I’ll start early and swap it out.

I was looking through the forums and it seems like a lot of people like using JLF or JLW joysticks. I just wanted to know how good they actually are and if a swap with a stock arcade stick requires any sizing changes or major component changes?

How much soldering is required just for the joystick?

Lastly, any recommendations on the joystick? (I’m using this for MvC2)


The stock Agetec stick is just a bit stiffer than a JLF, or at least mine was, and it had seen a lot of abuse… If you’re used to American sticks, all of the Japanese sticks are going to feel very loose.

To swap just the joystick it’s minimal soldering, the stock stick uses a similar 5-pin harness and you’ll just need to either cut it’s end off and solder the JLF’s on, or just solder the JLF’s harness directly to the pcb. However, you’ll likely need a dremel and a drill to mount a JLF, you have to remove the existing screw posts, knock out two small sections of a plastic wall around the joystick, and drill four holes in the plastic to mount the JLF. It’ll all be hidden by the top plate, so it can be ugly, it doesn’t matter.

It’s a mod I’d definitely recommend, but if you’re used to American sticks you might look into one of the many JLF mods to firm it up a bit.

Cool, thanks for the reply. Just have to wait until all the sites have joysticks back in stock. SF4 is killing me =)