Agetec layout template

I know some ppl wanted this so I’m making a new thread. It’s also added to my resource thread.

Giving credit where credit is due. This layout was originally made by byrdo but his didn’t have the center marks so I just went ahead and added them. plus my own little watermark.

direct image link

but how big is the ACTUAL template
i want a 1:1 ratio template
whats the ratio on this? and how would i go about making it 1:1
(i suck at ps)

this is a 1 to 1. I know it looks small but it is right. I printed and the circles come out at 30 mm. Dink around with your pirnting software. I know the xp picture viewer DOES NOT print correctly. I ended up printing with paintshop pro. I’m sure one of firefox/ie/opera image printing option will work.

erarah i ment i wanted to see the entire metal plate with the layout on it so i could whip up background art for it.
i like effects that go around the button.
kno wut im sayin?
its cool though this is still helpful

I’ve been trying to hunt down the same thing myself since I haven’t had the time to measure mine out myself. As it is, most of my Photoshopping is done at work.

if i find some free time, i may try to make a full template (with labeled dimensions)… but nobody hold their breath :slight_smile:

the displayed JPG isn’t 1:1 (just for showing off the CAD mock-up). download the layered PSD file if you want the good stuff. its not dead-nuts accurate, but its pretty darn close. enjoy!

right-click (save as) for the layered Photoshop PSD file

fucking sweet
thanks alot.

Late getting back. Thanks for the template! I flipped it to landscape in Photoshop and printed it out. If it matches up, I can do up my art in Photoshop and take it to Kinko’s and use larger paper.