Agetec mod - design and wiring

I’m currently doing an Agetec mod but would like to see some ideas of art designs. I’m using dark blue Sanwa OBSF-30 on the top row and violet on the lower with a LS-32-02 stick with purple LB-39 balltop. Or I could swap it all for white parts that I have in reserve.

This is how far I’ve got. Painting the case is next, but haven’t decided if I want to go with black or purple.

Also, I don’t want to solder. Is there any way of attaching wires to a VGA pin connector without soldering? Clips or something?
I don’t know much about ground - how do I wire the ground wire? Start with joystick, then go to all the buttons and end up in the connector?

I want to use this stick with a Dreamcast and PS2. For other consoles I’ll go with PS2-converters. Do I need to keep something in mind about the voltage?


I just finished the preparations for painting.

I’m thinking of wiring it all this way

But I want to be able to easily switch the PCB. That’s why I want some kind of connector between the terminal and the PCB, but I can’t solder on that level.

Getting the stick and buttons to a dsub connector without soldering is possible; you just need to find a crimp style d-sub connector, preferably a db-15 for what you’re doing, although a db-25 would work too. That’s easy.
^^Shows pictures of crimp d-sub connectors.

But, when making the project boxes that attach to the connector, I don’t see any way around soldering. (Well, one way. One of my Cthulhu boards with screw terminals, but thats for PC/PS3 only at the moment.)

Learn to solder. Seriously. Its the right tool for the job and gets it done the best way possible. Otherwise you’ll be paying out the nose for someone else to do your soldering for you.


Kind of small pictures there. You mean like these?

I can pretty much just push in the wires into the holes, right? What thickness of wire should I use?

I bought a PSX pad thinking it was the solderless one type, but it wasn’t, so I guess I’ll try on that. I’ve soldered before (2 PSX pads and N64 RGB mod), but the connectiones there are pretty loose. Guess I should get a glue gun.

I’ll try to make a scheme tomorrow of all the wiring I have in mind.

I recently modded my agetec. The soldering wasn’t that hard, I pried off the connector cover and then desoldered the the pins. Then, I used solid core to go from the PCB to the barrier strip, then stranded to go from the barrier to the buttons/stick.

All in all, the wiring phase of this took about 2 hours, but my soldering was off that day, could be done faster.

As for using a PS2, the barrier strips should allow me to add in other PCBs with not too much effort. When its all said and done, I hope to have a PS1 and X360 pcb crammed into this as well, but I’m drilling out holes and repainting (as well as redoing some of my wire lengths, I’m really picky about that), so the PCBs are on the back burner for now.

Large pic, so I’m just posting the link

Hope that helps.

hey max, what awg did u use? 24 or 26?

22 I think for both, it was from local Radioshack.

I’ve pretty much decided how I’m gonna wire everything, just need to get the neccesary parts now.

I have a question about the clear cover. The one I have now is only temporary, its just a thing vinyl sheet.
What material is the best if you need to cut and drill it? Which ones don’t crack easily or get scratches on them? The metal plate that comes with the Agetec mod is about 1mm thin, so it has to be available in that.

I hear many of you use Lexan or plexi glass. I haven’t found a store that sells Lexan, and plexi is pretty thick I guess?

Plexi and Lexan are close enough to use either. Lexan is somewhat easier to work with, but plexi is more scratch resistant. Also, good luck finding plexi at 1mm. I’ve checked home improvement and specialty glass shops and the thinnest I’ve found is ~2mm.

Keep in mind though if you haven’t worked with either you’re probably going to have a very hard time making sheets that fit the contours of the agetec top plate closely.