Agetec mod question

Does the Agetec mod links on the stickies work for anyone?

I’m trying to mod my second Agetec stick but I forgot what I need/don’t need to cut to fit Sanwa parts (my first one uses Seimitu’s). And I don’t want to over cut something and end up with too big holes for my Sanwa buttons.

If anyone can link me to a working site with instructions, it would be greatly appreciated. :]

Yeah that one link has been broken forever. If you use Internet Archive you can get a text-only version which kinda sucks.

Well, not exactly the reply I was hoping for, but thanks anyway. Mind linking me to that internet archive :P?

I used this guide for an Agetec mod that I did a few weeks ago.

You lucked out, I’ve actually got my agetec in pieces, getting ready to swap it over to an x360 pcb, so I can give you a quick pic to help. For a Sanwa JLF, you only need to remove the four stands where the joystick belongs, and notch out a small section of the side walls, as you can hopefully see in this pic.

If you’re using snap-in buttons, you don’t need to modify the plastic at all, but you do still need to widen the holes in the metal. Shouldn’t take long with a dremel, but it sucks to do by hand. If you want to use screw-in buttons, the plastic holes still don’t need to be widened, but you do need to knock that wall down flush with the rest of the plastic. If you’ve got a dremel handy, I’d go ahead and take the button walls out even if you’re using snap-ins, the wall does put a bit of pressure on the clips.


Thanks Pensuke and bakageta. :]

if i wanna remove my joystick from my agetec should i pull out the wires thats attached to the pcb or should i pull the wires attached to the joystick itself?

The wires are on a non-soldered connector on the DC pcb itself so you can pull the plug off easily that way. Hell, you can even recycle it by snipping off the wires closest to where they’ve been soldered into the stick.

Scroll down to MKL’s posts for the best Agetec modding guide:

I followed this and it came out amazing.

When you widen the holes in the metal plate, test them with a button frequently. It can be easy to go too far quickly.

I need help!

ok so i broke the wire harness (on my agetec) thats connects my joystick to my pcb i am trying to buy one of those wire harness where can i buy one at?

how do i connect the wiring harness to the agetec pcb board? im talking bout the side that doesnt have the white plugs just the strip wires how do i connect them? sorry im noob =)

You don’t need to buy a wire harness at all. But if you want to, you can get them from Lizard Lick.

Solder once you use a diagram to find out which joystick wire goes where.


IF you’re going to keep the original Dreamcast PCB inside the Agetec case,
KEEP the original wire harnesses! There’s no reason to throw those out.

Put 0.110 QD’s on the button connnecting wires and the wiring is good for Sanwa or Seimitsu pushbuttons. (NOTE: You will have to cut off the original Agetec QD’s but nobody uses those for replacement buttons anyway! Just cut as close as possible to the original Agetec QD’s to conserve wiring and you’ll have plenty of the original wiring left to attach to the replacement buttons.)

As for the Agetec original joystick wiring, cut the wiring as close as possible to the joystick itself. BUY a European terminal strip and connect the original Agetec joystick wiring through that to the Sanwa/Seimitsu 5-pin harness.

If you do this, there is NO SOLDERING REQUIRED for this mod!

This works perfectly fine if you keep the Agetec stick’s original PCB… On the other hand, IF you install a Cthulu PCB or MC Cthulu PCB, you will have to do SOME soldering but not a lot… You really only have to solder an Ethernet cable (if you go RJ45 route for MC Cthulu) or a USB cable if you go PS3/PC/Mac Cthulu.

[quote=“gahrling, post:12, topic:56671”]

You don’t need to buy a wire harness at all. But if you want to, you can get them from Lizard Lick.

can you show me the link to the item? because i broke my wire harness

The wire harnesses are on this page –

JLF-H 5-pin and H5-P (Seimitsu wire harness) are interchangeable between the JLF and most models of Seimitsu joystick.

Look in the Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ thread sticky for the diagram on how to properly figure out the directions for the wiring, though. The ground wires are different on the two harnesses. There’s only one color in common between the harnesses; every other directional signal is different!

what material should i use to replace the metal plate on the agetec? i want a clear sheet but duno what to put in

Polycarbonate (lexan) is probably the most common. It’s easy to work with and doesn’t really crack. The downside is that it scratches very easily.
Acrylic (acrylite) is more scratch resistant but cracks if care isn’t taken during machining.

My personal favorite and what I use on all my sticks now is Acrylite AR abrasion resistant acrylic. It works well.
For first time I’d go with polycarbonate.

Arthong makes em.

thanks for the info very helpful do u know where can i find some lexan?

Home depot, lowe’s, ebay, tapplastics, usplastics.

Don’t look particularly for Lexan. You want polycarbonate. Lexan is one of several brands. Polycarbonate is is the name of the material itself.

wow thanks everyone from shoryuken u guys so awesome and nice thanks guys!