Agetec Mod worth it? or new stick?


Hi, ive been using my agetec stick for 3s and for SFIV PC with trio linker plus, and it did the job reasonably fine. The thing is the stick has died, i cant execute QCB from Player 1 position and one of the buttons doesnt work. I wasnt really satisfied with it since I had it since the stick was too loose and the buttons required to be pressed on the center, but I did like its weight and size as I could lay my hands on it.

Ok, having said this I need your opinion about what should I do now:
1.Mod the stick:
Pros: PRICE , nice sanwa buttons/stick
Cons: I rather prefer a usb cable than the DC cable (I know it can be mod but I dont trust myself on that part)
2.Buy a new one:
Pros: well…new stick
Cons: PRICE , i cant afford a stick higher than 100 (and that amount is almost too much)

I like the madcatz TE but I cant find it anywhere for less or equal than 100 (including shipping to spain).
Any suggestion? I cant play SF at all! I need my dose!


The Agetec is a great case, just know that if you are doing the mod yourself it is a lot of work. Sanwa buttons will not simply drop in, and neither will the stick. If you are patient and attentive to the details you’ll get a great result though.


Yeah Ive been reading about the mod and watched some video tutorials, making the holes for the buttons bigger does look like a long&tedious task. Anyway I think I can handle it, specially because theres no need to solder if I just change buttons + stick. The thing is, is it worth it? Or should I get a new one?
I know ill try the mod sooner or later anyway, but right now I dont have a stick to play with and my budget is limited.


You will need a really good grinding bit to drill the holes out, it is very hard steel on the top plate. But the stick is a great case and PCB and you will save LOTS modding it.

It was my first mod, so yes it’s easy enough.


Thanx for the replys, ill have to get all the tools necessary before trying anything, I hope I dont end up spending too much money on tools.
I read the arcade stick FAQ and in my budget range there’s the madcatz SE or the TE. Is there any stick in between these 2 with better quality than the SE (i dont like it)?
Anyone that has mod this stick can confirm me if its worth to mod the agetec instead of buying a new one?


I would just save up for a TE unless you want to mod your stick.


OK that sounds simple enough. TE is 100% compatible with PC right? And it wil work with any game not just windows live games?

Any europeans around know a cheap site with this stick?


If you’re looking for a cheap TE, my advice is to just wait. They go on sale almost every other week. Also, I don’t know if this is practical for you, but if you have a friend that works for a big electronics retail or something, you can see if he has an employee discount. My room mate gets like $30 off the regular price of TEs because of his job at Best Buy.


Nice, ill wait to find a cheap one, and ill keep the agetec’s case for my first mod.
I hate my country, we are ages behind everyone else on this theme. Specific games or controllers are very rare and overly priced, offline gaming for fighting games is inexistent. damn it


I’d keep the agetec stick, regardless if you go for a TE or not.
The button holes don’t have to be drilled if you use Crown buttons (28 instead of 30mm) and they perform just as well if not better than Sanwa (I don’t like Sanwa over-sensitivity so I prefer Seimitsu and Crown)

Dropping a stick in is a bit of work but it really is doable and, in my opinion, worth it as the agetec is such a nic, heavy-duty case. really turns out well.
Down the line, you might still want to get a “out-of-the-box” tournament style stick like the TE. It’s a great stick, easy to dual-mod should the tournament scene ever interest you.

And finally, most if not all stick work well on PC’s but as most tournaments are done on XBOX (cheaper out of the two major consoles) it pays off to get an XBOX TE rather then PS3, unless you have reasons to do otherwise.

Good luck. If you do mod the agetec, please post progress and pix


Wow thanx a lot man, lots of info in your post. I had no idea about Crown buttons and I thought Sanwa buttons had a good sensitivity. Ive searched a bit and found this: Thats the 28mm button you are talking about right? That would definitely save time and risk of messing the metal plate. Do you know where I could get these from? I havent found much about them.

Do you think that using the standard DC cable with trio linker plus is good enough? I dont know why but it bothers me, I think a usb cable stick would be more responsive but maybe im just exagerating.
Im sure ill mod the stick either way so be just as sure that you’ll be receving updates when the moment comes.


There are several models of Crown buttons - you might want to check that the height on that one isn’t so much that you can still fit the bottom plate back on the agetec. ( and both sell Crown buttons I think, but I’ve never used either. Some/many don’t have lugs for quick disconnects directly on them though.


I recommend no one ever buy from gamingnow.


Oh…I didnt notice this. Ive just opened the case and you are right, the Crown buttons from this link wont fit in the case. Ill have to email and check if they can give me info on their sizes. Maybe I should stick to regular buttons just in case.
Anyone around has tried modding the Agetec with Crown buttons?

A previous bad experience?


So bad that only refunded money of Airthrow when MrWizard threaten to Ban.

Read about it.

It goes some pages.


That’s a one off incident, a bad one for sure, but not nearly a reason to dismiss Nareg as a shady fuck. I have ordered from him several times and never had an issue. I also had issues with Newegg, Amazon, and BestBuy…one off incidents that can and will happen to any online store.

Let’s not turn a fly into an elephant.

203c’s are 28mm (I have them so I know they are :stuck_out_tongue: ). I’m not sure how the 201’s differ as I don’t think I’ve ever used them. SRK Member Laugh would be a very good person to chat about Korean parts (sticks as well as buttons) and he sellf the stuff as well. Very trustworthy, according to a mass of people that have bought from him.


When I said that they didnt fit in the case I was talking about its height as you mentioned before:

The Crown buttons from are too tall to fit in the case.
Anyway, you are right, 203c’s do fit as you can see its height here
So to sum up, with 203c’s = no soldering + no drilling, right? Thats just perfect.
Any joystick recommendation?

thanx for the warning… that kind of post-sale experience makes me wanna buy on wallmart (well the equivalent in my country)


LOL, so someone ADMITTING to not wanting to give you a refund because they don’t just feel like it doesn’t MAKE them a shady fuck?

Also I have a friend who knows someone who had the same thing happen to them: Wrong shit sent to them, but he is rich and just ordered another shipment. Why would you support someone who is an admitted thief?


You sent back the package you received knowing it was “bigger” than yours… thats more than enough for the shop to cover all your problems originated by this “error”. Its simple math, the money they loose after swapping the packages and you keeping the incorrect order is a lot less than if they just pay you the costs of their mistake + loose a client + maybe losing even more clients if you tell your story…


I’ve read this post twice and can’t figure out what point you’re trying to make at all.