Agetec modding question

Hi, im looking to take an original Agetec DC arcade stick and replace the joystick and buttons with better ones. Im wondering wich joystick and buttons I can buy will fit into the Agetec case without and major cutting involved. Also, will i need to do any re-wiring? Or will i be able to use the existing wiring with the new joystick and buttons. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

This page teaches how to modifiy with a Seimitsu LS-32.

This page teaches how to modify it with a Sanwa JLF and includes a tutorial on how to do a project box set up as well.

This thread will get closed so for next time read the Essentials thread before you get flamed. Good luck :woot:

thank you Tetsuosan

You will have to re-wire, but it involves cutting the wires that went to the stock buttons, and re-attaching them with either solder or Quick disconnects to the new buttons. It’s really easy, the hard part is getting 30mm buttons into a (if I remember correctly) 28mm circular hole in the steel plate. I used a power drill and a circular sanding bit for the two agetecs I have modded, a dremel is not strong enough.

I have no idea if any buttons will pop right in without sanding, I don’t think so though.

Good luck, IMO Modded agetecs are the best sticks…