Agetec PCB $20 +shipping

Like the title says, I have an agetec PCB for sale. If anyone is interested please let me know.


before i buy, what’s the difference between using the agetec and a regular DC pcb?

does this come with the button connector ribbon?

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I’m not sure about the differences between agetec and DC PCB. I’m sure you can find additional info on the forum.

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is this alex? It’s just the PCB itself. No ribbons

this is alex, is that you sin?
omfg i want to buy + i luv u
come to SF sometime (if this is sin from tx) :slight_smile:

The Agetec’s PCB is apparently very easy to hack.

The regular first-party Dreamcast controller’s analog shoulder buttons add a small amount of lag to them. There are third-party brands of control pad that include duplicates of the shoulder buttons right on the controller’s face, to avoid this problem. These wouldn’t be particularly difficult to hack, but the Agetec would still be easier, and at this price it would probably cost you about the same.

Does it come with the wire harnesses or is it just the PCB you’re selling?

if you can guarantee that the pcb is in 100% working order I’ll buy it.

I have two of these going into my cabinet :slight_smile:

SOLD- Thanks for looking