Agetec Sanwa Mod - Thank You SRK!


This is my first thread but I’m a long time lurker.

Thanks to all the great information provided by all of the amazing members here I
was able to finally modify my Agetec stick with all Sanwa parts. Check it out:


This your first mod??

congrats with your mod…and yeah SRK has alot of info on modding arcade sticks


Yup, it is my first mod. Took me awhile but everything went smoothly.

The JLF feels like butter, I’ve been using a JLW in another custom stick, but the JLF feels amazing. I’m used to square gates, not sure if I would like the octagon restrictor though.


Now you just have to paint the case black with Vinyl dye. Trust me on this.


Are you using it as a DC stick, or did you swap in another PCB?


Im using it for DC.

If I ever get a stick for PS2 I’ll probably just get a HORI to mod but I have these for 360.

The larger stick now has the Happ stick removed and the black buttons replaced with white Happ buttons and I’m waiting for a JLW from Lizard Lick with a white bubble top. Cool hybrids of American and Japanese layouts and parts. I love em. I didnt make these though, a friend did.

Also does anyone know if Sanwa screw ins will work with 1/2" thick material??? Will there be enough threads to screw the nut on tightly??