Agetec stick repair

So basically when I play it the joystick stopped moving to the left. It can go all directions fine except left, and I was wondering if anyone lived around the 626 area around Covina/west covina and was able to repair dreamcast agetec sticks??? If any of you do drop me a pm because I wanna get that shit fixed asap

[Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post](Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

Thanks bro!!!

Open that bad boy up and take pics of the connections on the joystick. Might be a simple fix. Save money and time for yourself possibly.

I think I will do that then

Don’t know if it helps but I can’t seem to move the stick left, I mean I can but it wont register and my characters wont move left at all, they can move every other direction but left

Another pic

Can you take the gate off and try to get a close pic of the switches?

I’d start off by checking the left microswitch first. Take a voltage meter and make sure it’s registering whenever you hit it.

I’m not exactly sure what stick was in there stock but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a high quality stick. Back then it was nice since we didn’t have a lot of easy and reasonably priced options for Japanese parts. Point being I don’t know of any replacement microswitch/pcb assembly for it and putting in a new stick will require modifications.
A while back ago I put in a Sanwa JLF joystick and 30mm buttons and both jobs required dremel work.

You guys are right, looks like it needs to be soddered back on.

Yeah that would do it.

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like a few of those solder points have loose wire or corrosion. Might want to consider resoldering all the switches.

If you like the JLF feel, it’s worth it IMHO to try to repair the stock joystick.

Save yourself at least $20 and get a joystick that’s close enough in feel.

This is an Ascii product and they tend to be better-made clones than most other non-Sanwa manufacturers.
[Agetec and Ascii are one and the same… Ascii is a brand label of the same outfit. The Agetec joystick itself was licensed to Agetec for US distribution; it’s actually a SEGA design with Ascii joystick parts and buttons. For whatever reasons, SEGA decided NOT to market their own Dreamcast joystick outside of Japan. The PCB is SEGA-branded. The PCB itself is probably the most valued part of that joystick amongst modders.]

IF worst comes to worst, the JLF’s probably the easiest joystick to refit an Agetec case for.
(You have to do a LOT more cutting to fit in an LS-32 or LS-40… Not worth it IMHO unless you’re a Seimitsu fan.)
Heck, it’s probably the easiest arcade part to fit into the Agetec case, period!
There are plenty of mod guides and a diagram or two floating around the Net that break down the signal lines for the Agetec/DC joystick PCB.

The Agetec stock parts AREN’T that bad… The Agetec buttons themselves are among the most comfortable non-Sanwa buttons I’ve tested. The problem is finding replacements aside from scavenging other Agetecs once the original button microswitches have worn out…

I helped my buddy install a LS-32 into his Agetec. I didn’t find it that much more difficult. Just required a bit of cutting of the case to get the mounting plate aligned, and the stock holes fit perfectly.

If your buttons die off, you can replace them with Crown cwb203c. Just drop them straight in, they come with a nut that will keep em in place (thanks to the cylindrical plastic protrusion in the stick case).
As for the joysticks, you can drop in seimitsu ls55 and ls56, as well as sanwa jlf and jlw, but it requires a bit of modding. (Crown buttons, sanwa jlw and seimitsu ls55 tested, they work fine)

The main issue with button replacement is they are 28mm where standard buttons are 30mm. So dremeling is required.

On the other hand, you get to play with a dremel and see SPARKS!

Buttons are fine, it’s just the joystick not moving left issue.

So anyone who lives around Covina that has soddering equipment??
Would help me out a lot

I don’t even know where Covina is.
If you near the Baltimore idea I can repair the wiring easily or even swap in a JLF or a Seimitsu Joystick easily enough.

West Covina’s in socal, and Darkasul posted a link on post #2 that’ll point you to locally available modders in the area. I don’t think there are any located specifically in West Covina, but there’s definitely a couple within 30min-1hour driving distance.

Oh yeah I forgot about that, I guess I will just have to keep looking then