Ah, that cool flash site w/ 3s sprites is gone!

newwavemugen.com site is down!! just when i was going to d/l a ton of sprites…
anyone can link a mirror of that 3s sprites page?

From what I’ve read at another forum, NewWaveMugen, and thus, Zweifuss’s site, should be back up soon. No mirrors that I know of, sorry.

ah cool,thanks. hope it’s not too long.

It goes down all the time, don’t worry.

and… whoa @ new skin; I don’t see any quick reply button at the top to activate it, though. o_O

Just FYI. I recommend getting all the sprites you can from NWM when it’s back up. It won’t be up forever. TheDreamSlayer (who runs NWM) has announced that he’s leaving the Mugen community and that NWM will be shut down permanently in April '06. As already stated, it’s currently just down temporarily due to server load (bandwidth limits).

Fortunately, some one has graciously offered to host our (blip and I) GGXX#R sprite rips. I assume the same offer has been made to Zweifuss for his 3S rips, but I don’t know.

thankx for the info:tup:

http://excaliburgames.digibase.ca/zweifuss/ Here’s a mirror for the time being.