Ah yes, my first stick mod!

so as some of you may know i recently got my first fight stick. A madcatz Se fightstick. its alright but i wanted to make it better and more close to who i am as a gamer. so i ordered the correct parts from Lizard Lick and they should be here monday or tuesday but for now here are some pics of the case and some custom art

right now i took the back of the case and sprayed this logo and my handle

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

and i used Krylon Fusion spray paint to paint the case pumpkin orange to match the color of buttons and ball top


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

there are still some spots that have white on them but i will fix those up. and the art is done on a full sheet label because everyoen who works at a kinko’s, or a staples dosn’t know how to make a fucking lamilabel that’s 7x11…face palms any who, i am proud how this came out and hopefully if i get a TE stick the mod will come out easier.

so i will post a pick when its complete. stay tuned ^3^ V

The final part is in the “check my new arcade stick thread” if any admin sees this Please close it down. Thank you for your time.

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