AH3 not supporting Fightstick?

Hello Everyone,

I need to find a way to get my 360 fightstick to work for my AH3 arcade rip.

I know, I know… I could just go buy the game.
But I don’t have a ps3 :frowning:

so the Rip is all i got. and I wanna get really good at this game!

The main problem I’m having is the stick itsself.
It wont read. The buttons and everything will read as far as using Joy2Key goes, but Is there another program that will actually read it?

GGPO read everything on my stick, and the arcade rip of KOFXIII (although crashing before letting me play) Config read everything, so I don’t think its a hardware problem.

I do have my stick set on DP not LS or RS, so my question is “is there a way to fix this? a program? a config FOR AH3?”

Please let me know, and yes, I have supported the official release, my friends PS3 has it thanks to me, but I don’t think I’ll be getting a PS3 in my future. :frowning:

[LEFT]Try to use Xpadder instead.[/LEFT]

There’s a cost for that right?

There’s a cost for Arcana Heart 3 too.

Yes, and you’re buying it to play a pirated game. Consider it karma.

Aren’t we not supposed to talk about illegal emulation? That’s pretty much insta-ban.

Technically since it runs on PC-based hardware you’re not emulating it when you run it :V

It shouldn’t be karma. I’ve already bought it. isn’t the emulation rule you have to own it to have it?

Yeah…no. That’s a bullshit excuse and you know it.

This isn’t emulation. This is running an illegal copy of a piece of software. Outside of the country it was intended for no less.

(which as we all know, can get you prosecuted to the full extent of the Jam)

meh, solved the problem. thanks xpadder.

You do realize that talking about running this shizz without owning the actual arcade board isn’t allowed right?