AHEM! Please help me


I recently bought a MadCatz Tournament Edition 2 Arcade Fightstick (serial no. GO221403905). I updated my Windows 7 32 bit till 15th of July, 2015 and downloaded the official driver for XBox One USB controller for x86 from XBox official site. Then restarted my computer. But it isn’t working. In device manager under Microsoft XBox One controller > Xbox gaming device it says “Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37)”. I restarted various time tried different USB ports but still isn’t working. I visited MadCatz drivers and software section and couldn’t find any driver for above product. .NET framework 4.5.1 is installed manually.
I will be very obliged if you help me from this distress.


eww 32bit windows. You didnt need to install throws drivers. Try uninstalling them and just plugging in the arcade stick. Let windows get the drivers and install them on its own. I had the same issue at one point.


Why are you asking this in the Street Fighter V section?

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I posted there but nobody is answering


Doesn’t give you the right to post off topic questions in other boards.


Arcade sticks don’t offically or say they work for PC(most PS3 PS3/PS4 xbox 360 etc do work on PC), Xbox One seems to have issues or something, and driver updates won’t fix it because Microsoft doesn’t want to bother with that.


Mine won’t work on my desktop, I have to check XB1 controllers on my laptop for some reason.


Okay from what I have gathered, you are on Windows 7 32 bit. You downloaded the Xbox One controller driver that was designed for the official Xbox One controller (meaning the controller that came with the system). Microsoft has two versions of that driver for download. A 32 bit and 64 bit driver. Those drivers are included now with a normal system update so downloading and installing them separately is unnecessary. The problem I see is that driver doesn’t have anything to do with your TE2 stick because it was designed for a Xbox One pad. It’s a possibility that a driver for your TE2 stick was not included as a update for Window 7. Maybe Windows 8 or higher. I don’t own a TE2 but I have friend that does with a Windows 8 PC. I will see if I can figure that out.


Please inform anyone with xbox one stick that you have to fully update windows including optional ones. The trigger buttons are most probably not gonna work. Windows 10 has full support of xbox one.