Ahh the stock stick in the WWE Brawl stick is so bad!

It barely registers any diagonal input… i can’t wait to slap a sanwa in there so i can actually cancel moves properly…

does anyone know the actual joystick used in the se sticks?

It is a madcatz-designed JLF clone. The stock BrawlStick is different than the SE, it is the same as the TvC stick, which uses the Omron microswitches, like the JLF joystick.

are you telling me that if i get the actual sanwa one and install that there is going to be no difference?

No he’s saying that the brawl stick is better than the se. But still not a real sanwa

not a real sanwa, a lil stiffer. good stick.

Maybe different gate? Playing on a gate your not used to can throw people off.

in the brawlstick i bought there were definitely small dead zones in the diagonals, more prevalent in the upper diags. it was noticeable enough that i dropped a JLF in, but the stick was still okay.

I had to use my stock brawlstick for a week while my sanwa-swapped one was getting dual-modded, I actually had an easier time dashing than I do with my jlf lol

You could try a Seimitsu LS-58-01 with a Seimitsu octo-gate.

What about just putting sanwa switches in it? If it’s a clone it should fit perfectly.

It essentially already has those Omron microswitches in it, just not in a circuit board form. Honestly, it’s the closest you’re probably going to ever see to a JLF without some sort of legal fuss.

I’ve heard just switching the spring with a JLF spring gives it a very close feel. But if you want JLF feel, best be just getting a whole JLF.

The problem is mainly the restrictor, it is far smaller than the sanwa counterpart. Got 2 Brawlstick at home, same problem on both, diagonals were hittable just by slamming the stick in that direction. Problem is that you cannot replace just the restrictor, as the Sanwa one won’t fit.

yeah it’s pretty terrible, I had the same problems. I dropped the JLF I have for my new build in there temporarily. The gate on the stock stick looks exactly like the sanwa square gate, I haven’t been able to actually remove the gate to compare it to a real Sanwa though. One thing that was painfully obvious to me is the microswitches on the clone don’t stick out nearly as far into the actuator’s domain which is what is causing this issue. When I get the gate off I’m going to try running without the gate to see if it works, and if it does I’ll either mod the gate (which would be ugly and probably feel like ass) or see about moving the omron switches closer in.

At default configuration this stick is unplayable.

It has microswitches made from the same company, but they are different model switches than what the jlf uses.

Aw :sad:

Thanks for the save, Gummo.

Has something changed since the first run of TvC sticks? I never had problems with diagonals on the MCZ clone stick.

Both the TvC and Brawlsticks use the same buttons and joystick.

Might want to investigate the joystick to see if anything broke. During APEX2012 I was dual modding a brawlstick and one of the base tabs that hold the square gate was broken off. This effected the diagonals tremendously.

i just pulled mine out to check, at least in my case everything seems to be intact, took it apart and reassembled for the hell of it and still have a couple iffy corners. it’s okay if i ride the gate, but smaller movements don’t engage as cleanly.

If the problem is the restrictor, I wonder if wrapping some tape around it (sort of like in the “JLF Ultimate Mod”) would get it to work more reliably.

so I just checked the brawlstick’s restrictor vs an authentic sanwa restrictor. The clone is a few mm’s smaller aperture, having swapped in the authentic part I can confirm that all the diagonals work perfectly fine.