Ahhhhh my first stick!

It’s like that really ugly baby you can’t help but love…

sanwa joystick, happ buttons,


i think it looks really good! clean and simple.

that sucker is huge!!!. lol, nonetheless, nice stick to start out with.

Nice first stick. I’m still pretty new to modding sticks, how’d you get the button cover to be red, but the button to be black? Does it come that way with HAPP buttons?

ya its like the hummer of joysticks…

it didn’t seem so big when i was making it, but having it on my lap is ridiculous lol

edit: i bought the buttons from some arcade place that was going out of business, i was literally fishing through paper bags to find buttons and they were all completely covered in dust, so when i was cleaning them i realized you can pop the button out of the casing, (its really easy) and i just switched the red and black buttons and casings.

Good Job!

any chance of a look inside?

So long as it works and has some weight.

I know the feeling when i made my first stick…shit is awesome.

good job!

Sweet man, looks cool

should be in the custom stick thread no?

doesnt have to be you thread nazi!


Yeah the elation of getting your first stick up and running is quite something :slight_smile:

esp if its a new set of skills you are using for the first time